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Once in a while I’ll stumble upon some cool-looking webcam sites that seem like nice spots to visit, and CamPlace perfectly falls under that category. I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t heard about it sooner, maybe because it’s a totally new website, or is there another reason? Well, I’m going to find out for sure.

While it could be great, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, most often than not if a site is anonymous, then there has to be a certain issue. So let’s get right into it, starting from the eye test, through user-friendliness, and model selection, all the way to the private sex chats which are the most important part of a cam site. – First Impression

It’s refreshing to see a website that’s modern, not that there aren’t any out there, but they’re the majority of the time quite aged. CamPlace has a blue theme which is pleasant to look at, and quite a cute-looking interface. You can filter the models with a few options, but there aren’t too many, 22 in total, which is quite low.

There is also a blog section where they update the users on news, and also give introductions to some of their models, but there hasn’t been any fresh news in almost a year. The “insights” tab is literally the blog page with no noticeable changes whatsoever between the two, which is kind of a letdown, but nothing too major.

Of course, in order to chat with the models, you will have to create an account, of which this sex webcam website reminds you a lot. It reaches the point where you’re kind of annoyed and defeats the purpose of checking out CamPlace so you’d make up your mind whether or not it’s worth staying on. Usually, when a site is this pushy, a lot of users would rather leave as fast as possible.

All successful cam sites leave it up to you to decide whether or not you’re going to enjoy their content. For instance, LiveJasmin has it written somewhere in the corner but does it in such a way that they also offer first-time users some special discounts on their purchases. Obviously, this isn’t the case with CamPlace, which tries to bully you into it.

CamPlace Has Barely Any Models Performing

Models here are few and far in-between, which is putting it lightly. You can scroll through them in a couple of seconds, both those who are performing and those who are not online at the moment. In total, you won’t find more than 20 models online at any given time. Those numbers are depressing, and a sign of a dying live porn site.

Not to mention that some of the supposed cam models that aren’t online seem like fake profiles. I find it hard to believe that there is no history or any record of their activity. Some do have it, which are definitely real profiles, but the vast majority don’t seem real, and it’s probably done to artificially increase this site’s reliability.

Even those girls who are online are 90% Colombian, so you don’t have much diversity. Their knowledge of English is questionable at best, so you’re mostly stuck trying to decipher what they’re writing in the chat. It goes without saying that your choices are so tight that it’s hardly worth spending a second on CamPlace. 

So again, let’s use LiveJasmin as an example of what models should look like. There is no correct answer, we all have different preferences. From college girls to MILFs, who are performing pretty much anything, BDSM, fetishes, JOI, femdom, submissive, all to appeal to a broader audience.

Private Shows On CamPlace Are Horrible

Despite everything, I still have to take a peek at some shows. When it comes to live, I’ve encountered quite a few unpleasantries, some models are short-tempered and respond in a hostile manner. Some users are indeed rude, but others have asked the simplest questions, and these girls turned out quite negative towards them.

You can’t even imagine what they’re like in private chats, it’s a horrible experience that no one should go through. Considering the low number of both models and viewers, they are like starving vampires trying to leech every last penny out of you. Some of these girls are dragging out the simplest things like striptease, and not in an alluring manner.

That goes to show how much they don’t care about what kind of show they’re putting out there, and you might as well throw away your money because there’s nothing to gain in return. It doesn’t help that they charge astronomical rates, for which there is no valid reason considering their expertise is amateurish at best.

To think that CamPlace has an HD standard and a modern design, yet their models are so bad is unheard of. I’ve seen more models and viewers on ancient cam sites that look like they’re out of the early 2000s, so things are definitely grim here and aren’t going to get better any time soon.


CamPlace is a cam disaster, the main reason being their models, or the lack thereof. If they manage to snatch some hot chicks who know what they’re doing, maybe there is a future, but as of right now I wouldn’t give them any attention. And above all, they need to have some rules for their models or at least limit the rates they’re charging because the way it is right now is only working against them.

I can’t leave you all just hanging dry in there, even I have to correct my impressions by visiting another sex cam site. LiveJasmin has never done me dirty as this site has. They have far more models, who perform various shows, and take care of you and your boner, so go there if you want to have some explosive orgasms. Review 2022 Review

If you love everything about adult video chat sites, then you must be asking yourself “is this one for real?”. And it truly is, a legit site with a lot of models of different backgrounds, but we’re here to see how good really is. Usually, the best way to do it is by comparing it with one of the top live sites out there that we have already reviewed on the

So let’s use LiveJasmin, it has a bunch of models as well, and the exclamation mark is on the private shows, so they have a lot in common. It all comes down to whether or not the user experience is good enough, and what the price/value ratio is. Is LiveCams unique, better, or is it possibly far worse? Let’s see!

Is LiveCams a Fetish Site?

The black background with some red shades all throughout this site makes it look like it’s full of fetish shows, with a lot of BDSM models. For the most part that is true, and you’ll see it right off the bat with the featured models at the top. The only visually confusing thing here is the logo. It’s a white “i” with a red dot.

While you’re on the site, the white part blends in with the rest of the white around it, so it looks like a red dot, almost like the flag of Japan. It’s not that huge, but I found it funny considering it’s an easily solvable problem. On to the stuff that’s more fun! The webcam site itself has some nice features that make it stand out.

For instance, you’ve got gold shows that are quite unique. They work on the premise of multiple users paying a certain amount of money, and once the threshold is reached, you all watch a show together. It’s cheaper than regular shows, but in essence, it works like live shows from other sites.

You’re basically tipping, but the difference is, you don’t know what the show is going to contain. It could be anything, or it could be nothing, so it feels as if you’re taking a gamble. I’m not a fan of these things, especially when we take into account that there are multiple people watching so it doesn’t feel personal.

Are LiveCams Models Good Enough for Me?

You can find at least a thousand models online at LiveCams at all times. That’s enormous, and the fact that they’ve got a whole lot of diversity helps their case. For instance, you can find Asians, BBW, Grannies, Latinas, and a whole lot more. It might seem like they’ve got everything going for them, so where does it rank against LiveJasmin?

Well, LiveJasmin has pretty much the same amount of diversity, models from all over the world, a lot of diversity, and an equally large number of models. But where it excels is the beauty of models. They are too beautiful, and it’s not even close to being an exaggeration because it takes just a glance and you’ll notice the difference.

There is a reason why LiveJasmin has the status of the closest to perfect a live sex site can be, especially because they carefully pick and choose which girls are going to perform. LiveCams has yet another issue, and it’s that they’re pushing girls from Romania to the top. The majority of flags you notice, regardless of category, are from that Eastern European country.

There may be some bias included, but it goes without saying that you’ll be able to find other cam girls as well, it just takes some scrolling and skipping pages. Considering there is also a ranking system in place, you could argue that ranking should go along the line of highest scoring to lowest, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

What Can I Expect from Private Shows?

While most of the girls here are posing as expert fetish performers, it might not be so true. Their expertise is questionable, or at the very least not up to par with other, more professional sites. Before you even reach that point, you’ll have to chat up with a model and see if she’s willing to perform a fetish that she is tagged for.

A lot of the time some of these models fall under the “anal” or “whips” category, but don’t actually do it. They are the ones who set those rules, and in the end, fail to deliver on that promise. If that wasn’t enough of a headache, then their failure to stream with an HD camera will make your head pulse from exhaustion.

No matter how good or bad your eyesight is, constantly straining them will only make it worse and will annoy you. LiveCams really has a lot of cam models, but you can sign 80% of them off due to bad equipment or lack of experience. To make matters worse, they brazenly overvalue their shows, so you’re left with disappointment and a hole in your pocket.

Considering how professional all models are on LiveJasmin, how they treat every minute of your time with something special, their value skyrockets, especially when you take the price in question. Their professional approach to camming and honest interest in fetishes makes me appreciate LiveJasmin even more now that I’ve seen LiveCams.


LiveCams is a fetish webcam site primarily, but it doesn’t do that the right way. The models are left to shape the shows on their own accord, and they usually go sideways. That’s what happens when no one controls them, and there are no rules, so users mainly suffer, despite paying for entertainment. Oh, and good luck getting your money back from them when your show turns out to be a total disaster. 

It’s not worth the risk when you’ve got LiveJasmin as the staple of camming. The 20-year tradition they have speaks volumes about the type of business that has been built. Every penny you spend here is worth a dollar on other sites, there is no beating around the bush, just insanely good entertainment for everyone involved. Sex Cam Review 2022 Review

Here we are boys and girls, live private shows are what it’s all about, and PrivateLive seems to be about no more or less, but one-on-one chats with models. In this case, it’s a purely female site, and indeed, girls do dominate no matter where you turn, even if a site is mixed, male and trans sections usually contain a very tiny portion of models.

However, with a name like that, it’s really a shame that there isn’t more inclusion, I’m sure they would pull on some bigger numbers. Even LiveJasmin, which is a dominant female webcam site (and has undoubtedly the hottest girls), has included males and trannies. So let’s see if PrivateLive is any better than the beforementioned one, or does it fade in comparison.

Cool Features, Bad Ads

PrivateLive has done a good job with its friendliness towards new users, the interface is quite pretty and easy to navigate through. You have a clear path towards models, and a sidebar with categories so you can fully focus on the shows. On top of that, there is a live preview, the same as with LiveJasmin, which enables you to take a peek inside the live shows without clicking on them.

There are also videos you can watch, but they cost a specific amount of tokens, although it’s usually a waste of money since you can get other things you like during private sex chats. The majority of those videos are really low quality, which is kind of surprising, but we’ll see if that’s the case when we review private rooms.

I really don’t like the “HD Sex Videos” section, because it seems like an ad instead of something of value. That link leads you to a video tube site, which basically makes it a paid commercial, and there’s no space for that on a serious camsite. It partially makes them lose some credibility, depending on how much those things bother you.

Personally, I like my webcam experience unbothered by such things, you’re paying money to watch private cams anyway. On the other side, if you’re unbothered by such things, just make sure not to click around on PrivateLive because it may lead to some sketchy site that could potentially harm you.

Categories On PrivateLive

We can all agree that beauty comes in various shapes and sizes, but it seems like that wasn’t the motto PrivateLive is led by. They mainly have a specific type of girls around here, athletic, young, white, and blessed with some firm, round curves. That’s the first thing that caught my eye, all models seem to be somewhat similar, with no noticeable distinction between them.

It’s way better when you’ve got multiple babes, some BBW, other petite, MILFs, and containing multiple ethnicities so you can experience some exotic cultures. That’s the major reason why I think LiveJasmin functions better and appeals to a broader audience, but at least when it comes to beauty, the girls on these sites are neck to neck.

Also when it comes to what they perform, I have to point out a lack of diversity there as well. You may notice categories like “Lesbian”, “Tattoo”, “Shaved”, and similar stuff that’s way too vague. It boils down to you not having enough choices, or simply the shows being somewhat boring, or in other words, vanilla.

Now when you take a look at LiveJasmin, you’re going to be stunned by the number of choices you have. Especially when it comes to fetish cam shows which should be the staple of any cam site. The regular stuff simply doesn’t fill that void and makes the private shows way too simple and unappealing.

Private Shows Could Be Way Better

I was mostly afraid that the quality of private sex cams is the same as those videos, and it truly seems like most models have awful streaming equipment. They either lack a full HD camera, good lighting, or a combination of both. But still, you can find some that have everything necessary, it’s just going to take time.

If you’re fine with lower quality, but demand excellence from performers, then PrivateLive (similar to the RoyalCams) still doesn’t seem like a place for you. In all honestly, the models do try their best, but it doesn’t feel like they really know what they’re doing. Most are amateurs, and they don’t have guidelines to make their job easier by the site.

It’s a common mistake if there are no rules like they have over on LiveJasmin. Even the newbies, of which there are a lot every week, seem to do a way better job. They have to meet certain standards, and they ask you upfront what you’d like and whether they can do it or not, which is a lot fairer than getting thrown in there and being disappointed.

Initially, PrivateLive seemed like it should be a lot of fun, and with more than 300 models online it sounded promising. As of right now, there are too many things that need to be either enhanced, or completely redone, and maybe they eventually do, but as of right now, it’s simply not worth visiting.


PrivateLive has a lot of models, and they are hot by all means, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Due to lack of diversity concerning types of models and shows, it’s severely crippled, to the point where you’re getting 300 average live cam shows that show no sign of originality or effort.

If you’d rather have meaningful interactions with even hotter chicks, then LiveJasmin is way better. For all the years I’ve been a regular there, it has progressed from great to even better. Going into private, or even better, cam2cam, has proven as the ultimate form of entertainment, provided by open-minded models who always look to outperform themselves. Review 2022 Review

When it comes to fetishes, we all like to dabble into the dark side which is full of suspense, restraints, and sometimes even pain. seems like a place where you can let your animalistic desires run wild, and with a sexy mistress dressed in latex, leather, and holding a whip in her hand.

At least that’s what the essence of such cam sites should be, but does it manage to hit certain standards according to your taste? Well, we all certainly have different standards when it comes to sex, opinions vary from one user to another, but there are some things that are global no matter what your preferences are, and we’re here to see if this site checks those boxes.

Bdsmcamchats Is Looking Like a True Fetish Site

The way BDSMCamChats is set up makes it seem real sinister, like you’re in a dungeon, with mistresses all around you. Your only job is to pick which one is going to spank your ass and make you her bitch. And thanks to the incredibly large model chat windows, you almost feel like you’re in a show before actually going in.

While all those things look and feel captivating, there are some missed opportunities to round out the experience. For instance, the logo looks really poor, and it’s usually the one thing people remember a site by. It’s just a bunch of plain text that serves no other purpose but to tell you that you’re on their adult video chat site.

Even that wouldn’t be an issue if the text was stylized in a way that’s memorable. Take a look at some other cam sites, like LiveJasmin, sure, it’s just words, but they hold some weight, and you easily recognize their logo wherever it is. Now that we’re at it, there are some more things BDSMCamChats could learn from LiveJasmin.

Like model room preview on BDSMCamChats, it’s a random video that the model has selected for themselves. While some of them look good, others are horrendous and serve no purpose at all. On LiveJasmin it’s much more candid, there you can see what’s going on during the live cam performance without actually entering it. That way, you actually know what her current outfit and mood are, making your decision far easier.

Can BDSMCamChats Fulfil Expectations?

Even with a solid start, BDSMCamChats really lacks in various areas, and in this case, it’s the models. Some of them truly look stunning, but the numbers tell a whole different story. You’ll be lucky if there are 30 models online, and over the course of time I’ve spent here, it went from bad to worse.

I’ve made it my mission to pay more attention, and I’ve discovered that those 30-ish models are pretty much the only ones who perform BDSM here. They kind of overlap depending on the time, but it just goes to prove how tight the pool from which you can choose is. While LiveJasmin might not be a BDSM-only site, it has far more choices for that niche.

And not only does it have more, but you’re always bound to see some fresh faces, there are models signing up every day. The reason why I’m mentioning LiveJasmin is purely persona, it’s simply the only site where I’ve managed to have fun during fetish webcam shows with various babes, and the experience was stellar, no doubt about it.

When I take a look at sites like BDSMCamChats, I simply can’t help but make a comparison. Even the way the filtering is conducted here is quite underwhelming. Instead of being able to choose multiple fetishes, you can only focus on one. What if you want more than, say, fisting? You will have to waste time and ask a model instead of doing that automatically with built-in options.

What’s The Quality Like on BDSMCamChats?

Despite all the low numbers, you haven’t really tried a sex cam site until you try the shows. BDSMCamChats supposedly has “Free” and “Private” shows. But the thing is free is just another word for live, there is nothing free about it, which is the case with most serious cam sites, you have to go private one way or another.

It seems to me like it’s just a marketing ploy to make you join their site, and to inevitably get disappointed. Believe me, I’ve tested half a dozen of these models in private, and what they performed is in no way, shape, or form fun. The way they conduct themselves seems so unnatural as if someone is forcing them to do it, which takes away the immersive aspect of private shows.

Once again, LiveJasmin and their models have never managed to make me feel like an intruder while paying for entertainment. I think it has to do with experience, LiveJasmin has strict rules and hires professionals or even amateurs that prove themselves. The whole process is quite hard to go through, and it shows through quality.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is video quality. I’m not interested in chatting with a model who doesn’t even have the equipment necessary for shows. Most of the models on BDSMCamChats look grainy, or even pixelated, simply because they don’t have the HD standard like LiveJasmin and other better cam sites have.


BDSMCamChats starts off strong but quickly lets you down. They don’t have nearly enough models to be able to compete with other sex cam sites. Quality is also a major issue all over the board, especially considering how pricy fetish shows can get here, so you’re essentially throwing your money away.

For the same amount of money, you’re better off going somewhere else. I like LiveJasmin, and I’m going to stick with it for the time being. The live private shows are on another plane from their competition, they’re immersive, full of lust and cravings, and the models are dedicated to making you orgasm… or denying it if you’re a bad boy who needs to be punished. Review 2022 Review

This live sex chat site has been on my radar for a long time, and it’s finally time to take a good look at it from all angles and do a proper review. I was mostly intrigued thanks to its appealing interface and interesting models at a first glance. Seeing as it seems to be of high quality all around, there are certain standards that it needs to withhold.

It’s not so rare that a cam website is able to hit the mark on a single point while neglecting other parts of the equation. Considering this is a girls-only site (as the name suggests), it’s quite easy to get lost and let them do their own thing without setting any rules in place, or holding them to a high standard in order to maximize the gains for both the site and the user.

Can Camdolls Hold the Expectations?

I’ve already said that this site is visually stunning, and it truly does manage to grab the attention of a user. It’s crisp, with a black background, and the focus is fully on the girls, for which I can’t stress how important that is. They are the ones everything revolves around, so they deserve the utmost respect and recognition.

But there is an issue, after all, this site actually isn’t a fully female-centric cam site. There are male and trans sections, which kind of makes the name pointless, or at least in the case of the male category. While you won’t come by them unless you explicitly click there, it kind of makes you think if they’ve missed the point completely.

Other than that, the site itself has some cool features, like a list of “Top 20 Models”, “New Models”, and a calendar schedule for upcoming model appearance. You can set an alarm for the exact time and date, so you don’t miss out on your favorite girl. But then again, there are some shady things hidden around.

The “More” drop menu looks like it contains some official content, but instead, it contains a few links to other sites. I wouldn’t call them exactly trustworthy because they’re in a foreign language that I don’t understand, or wouldn’t bother understanding because it may as well all be a scam, and I don’t want to be one of those suckers who fall for such tricks.

What Does Camdolls Have to Offer?

As for models, there are some 500 of them online, the number certainly varies depending on when you tune in, but let’s call that an average. It’s quite enough, or it at least seems like it is, but even so, it may be underwhelming. Let’s take the ethnicity of the models into consideration, there is not much diversity.

Most of them are either pale-skinned, petite Russian girls, or big booty Latinas. That’s the vast majority, with some other nationalities and ethnicities in-between, but you’d have trouble finding them for sure. Those are all reasons why I’m usually sticking to trustworthy sites like LiveJasmin.

I mean, would you rather have a lot of choices, some sexy American chicks, Asian, western Euro babes? And would you like to participate in kinky bondage, female domination, roleplay, or something else inside the world of BDSM? Because that’s what LiveJasmin is all about, and it’s probably the reason why sites like these will hardly ever be able to stand up to it, let alone surpass it.

Not to mention that it has, even with such diversity, far more models online at all given times, which on its own makes it above and beyond Camdolls. And a cherry on top would be HD cameras, which are a rarity on Camdolls just like on Royalcams, so you’re constantly faced with depressingly low pixel count on your screen as if you’re watching censored porn.

Is Camdolls Even Worth Your Money?

Cam2Cam sessions are possibly the most intense, sexually pleasing of all shows on any cam site. Even if you’ve never tried it, just give it a shot one time, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Camdolls, luckily, offers these kinds of shows, but there is an evident language barrier that gets between you and that dazzling experience.

Some of these chicks aren’t so good with English, and by that I mean that they can’t speak a word. Instead, you’ll have to chat with her and wait until she translates what she wants to write, and then go back and forth for ages. Also, Cam2Cam loses purpose because of that issue, it’s just not worth spending a few bucks extra if you can’t communicate.

Girls who are fluent are rare, but they exist, and you will usually find them at the top of your list on the homepage. They usually disappear quite fast because other users are hungry for some English-speaking chicks. I’ve accidentally managed to get my hands on one, and she wasn’t much fun, seemed more like a stuck-up spoiled brat. It’s truly sad, but it seems like there is no middle ground on Camdolls.

The main reason why I’m comparing this site to LiveJasmin is that I’ve thought they could have something in common, but now that we’re finished, it seems like Camdolls is unfortunately a failed attempt at making a competitive cam site. And also there’s the thing where LiveJasmin is simply the top site in the world for private chats.


Camdolls is facing some major issues, and the biggest ones revolve around models. They could be more diverse, or even offer something else, other than vanilla masturbation shows. Those are the most common ones around here, and it gets really boring after a few times, no matter how hot a chick is.

Your solution is quite simple, don’t go here, take your money and time elsewhere. LiveJasmin is a personal choice, and I can only recommend you what’s already been tested. Go there and have the time of your life doing the filthiest things you have dreamt of, oh, and let’s not forget, even though they’re open-minded, the cam girls over at LiveJasmin are simply the prettiest, hottest babes you’ll ever see, that’s a promise. Webcam Review 2022 Webcam Review

If we’re judging a cam website by its name, then Royalcams sounds especially exciting, and it could lead to some promising shows. However, we’re not here to evaluate names but to dive deep into this site and see what it has to offer. It takes a lot from a site in order to fit into the standards of an average user.

Not everyone is a cam site aficionado, so my job is to transfer that vast knowledge of hours upon hours spent on these hubs of lust. The easiest way to do it is by simply comparing Royalcams with an already established cam site that almost everyone has heard of – LiveJasmin. Besides, it’s also a healthier way to evaluate which site you should use.

Royalcams First Impression simply looks stunning, I really dig the logo of a crown, along with the golden vibe of the site. It looks luxurious and makes you feel like a king, which is for sure the main reason why they’re going for such visuals. While it does look fantastic, I’ve noticed so minor lags in terms of functionality.

It’s especially noticeable when you select categories from a drop menu, and even the way it’s presented feels kind of weird. But the biggest reason for lags you might experience are ads. Starting with pop-up ads that are related to the site and harassing you into creating an account, or purchasing tokens.

Some of the tactics used are real scammy, which is surprising for a sex cam site that looks like this, but it’s nonetheless the truth. From barely skippable, to fake model chat ones, and it’s hardly the whole story. They also have some other ads, but they’re static and don’t require engagement from users to disappear.

It’s one of those things that shouldn’t happen on sites that are supposedly big players. LiveJasmin doesn’t even have a smudge of such things, so you feel safe, and freely use the site without any major, or even minor complications. What Royalcams is doing is turning away some users, especially those who are first-timers.

High Number of Models, Low Engagement

I’m going to commend this site for the sheer number of models, it’s mind-boggling, reaching more than 2000. That is more than enough for a lifetime, and mind you, there are always some new performers that you can rely on for amateurish performances if that is your kind of thing to observe and engage with.

What I don’t like about it is that most of the girls are Russian. Now before you silently say to yourself that I’m xenophobic, let me explain. It’s not that they’re from that country that’s the problem, it’s that they’re almost all from a single country, so there’s hardly any diversity. Also bad English and Russian girls go hand-in-hand.

Communication will definitely suffer, which isn’t the case with western European and of course American models (of which there are few). So, how do you find the common tongue? Well, you can go for a translator, and copy/paste the text in chat. Considering a lot of guys like cam2cam shows they kind of become pointless here.

It has to be said that I’ve never encountered such problems, especially on LiveJasmin. However, they have some hand-picked girls who don’t even stutter when it’s time to talk dirty to you. It’s simply the way they’re hired, LiveJasmin requires their models to uphold a certain standard and picture of their site, so the requirements to be a webcam girl (or a guy) here are quite strict.

Live Shows Are Inferior to Private Shows

Royalcams is a site that is mostly focused on live shows, and that’s alright, but the more time you spend here, the more boring it gets. It all revolves around tips, and even though they are tiny tips, it takes either continuous tipping or a massive one so a model would stay engaged. The shows themselves drag out, they can go for hours before something meaningful happens.

What it basically means is that these models set unrealistic expectations in hopes of someone paying that much so she stops with teasing and does something worth watching. It goes without saying that fetishes are a no-no for such shows, no matter how open-minded, no girl or a guy wants to perform live spanking, bondage, or something rougher than the usual.

Live shows can be fun, there’s no doubt about it, but you have to be at the right time in the right place, otherwise, they’re a waste of time. On the other hand, you’ve got LiveJasmin, a private-show-centered site, and there is a reason for that, mostly to enhance their customers’ experience, to make it the best it can be.

Nothing beats the intimacy of you and a model, going one on one, and getting pleased, no matter what the show revolves around. Now imagine a JOI show, or something kinky, a girl in cuffs cosplaying for you and your hard cock, that’s what live shows with hundreds of other people can’t offer you, and it’s the reason why LiveJasmin is superior to Royalcams.


Royalcams may sound and look like something special, but the average user is going to run far away from it thanks to heckling pop-up ads. To add fuel to the fire, their monotonous models manage to make the shows average at best, and the whole thing comes down crashing quite quickly.

There are far more reasons to go on live cam sites that we have reviewed on the MyBestSexCamSites like LiveJasmin where you’re going to be appreciated by the models, and engaged with. More diversity, more fun, more raging orgasms that you’re going to come back for time and time again, and their quality will always stay at the top level.