Webcam Review 2022 Webcam Review

If we’re judging a cam website by its name, then Royalcams sounds especially exciting, and it could lead to some promising shows. However, we’re not here to evaluate names but to dive deep into this site and see what it has to offer. It takes a lot from a site in order to fit into the standards of an average user.

Not everyone is a cam site aficionado, so my job is to transfer that vast knowledge of hours upon hours spent on these hubs of lust. The easiest way to do it is by simply comparing Royalcams with an already established cam site that almost everyone has heard of – LiveJasmin. Besides, it’s also a healthier way to evaluate which site you should use.

Royalcams First Impression simply looks stunning, I really dig the logo of a crown, along with the golden vibe of the site. It looks luxurious and makes you feel like a king, which is for sure the main reason why they’re going for such visuals. While it does look fantastic, I’ve noticed so minor lags in terms of functionality.

It’s especially noticeable when you select categories from a drop menu, and even the way it’s presented feels kind of weird. But the biggest reason for lags you might experience are ads. Starting with pop-up ads that are related to the site and harassing you into creating an account, or purchasing tokens.

Some of the tactics used are real scammy, which is surprising for a sex cam site that looks like this, but it’s nonetheless the truth. From barely skippable, to fake model chat ones, and it’s hardly the whole story. They also have some other ads, but they’re static and don’t require engagement from users to disappear.

It’s one of those things that shouldn’t happen on sites that are supposedly big players. LiveJasmin doesn’t even have a smudge of such things, so you feel safe, and freely use the site without any major, or even minor complications. What Royalcams is doing is turning away some users, especially those who are first-timers.

High Number of Models, Low Engagement

I’m going to commend this site for the sheer number of models, it’s mind-boggling, reaching more than 2000. That is more than enough for a lifetime, and mind you, there are always some new performers that you can rely on for amateurish performances if that is your kind of thing to observe and engage with.

What I don’t like about it is that most of the girls are Russian. Now before you silently say to yourself that I’m xenophobic, let me explain. It’s not that they’re from that country that’s the problem, it’s that they’re almost all from a single country, so there’s hardly any diversity. Also bad English and Russian girls go hand-in-hand.

Communication will definitely suffer, which isn’t the case with western European and of course American models (of which there are few). So, how do you find the common tongue? Well, you can go for a translator, and copy/paste the text in chat. Considering a lot of guys like cam2cam shows they kind of become pointless here.

It has to be said that I’ve never encountered such problems, especially on LiveJasmin. However, they have some hand-picked girls who don’t even stutter when it’s time to talk dirty to you. It’s simply the way they’re hired, LiveJasmin requires their models to uphold a certain standard and picture of their site, so the requirements to be a webcam girl (or a guy) here are quite strict.

Live Shows Are Inferior to Private Shows

Royalcams is a site that is mostly focused on live shows, and that’s alright, but the more time you spend here, the more boring it gets. It all revolves around tips, and even though they are tiny tips, it takes either continuous tipping or a massive one so a model would stay engaged. The shows themselves drag out, they can go for hours before something meaningful happens.

What it basically means is that these models set unrealistic expectations in hopes of someone paying that much so she stops with teasing and does something worth watching. It goes without saying that fetishes are a no-no for such shows, no matter how open-minded, no girl or a guy wants to perform live spanking, bondage, or something rougher than the usual.

Live shows can be fun, there’s no doubt about it, but you have to be at the right time in the right place, otherwise, they’re a waste of time. On the other hand, you’ve got LiveJasmin, a private-show-centered site, and there is a reason for that, mostly to enhance their customers’ experience, to make it the best it can be.

Nothing beats the intimacy of you and a model, going one on one, and getting pleased, no matter what the show revolves around. Now imagine a JOI show, or something kinky, a girl in cuffs cosplaying for you and your hard cock, that’s what live shows with hundreds of other people can’t offer you, and it’s the reason why LiveJasmin is superior to Royalcams.


Royalcams may sound and look like something special, but the average user is going to run far away from it thanks to heckling pop-up ads. To add fuel to the fire, their monotonous models manage to make the shows average at best, and the whole thing comes down crashing quite quickly.

There are far more reasons to go on live cam sites that we have reviewed on the MyBestSexCamSites like LiveJasmin where you’re going to be appreciated by the models, and engaged with. More diversity, more fun, more raging orgasms that you’re going to come back for time and time again, and their quality will always stay at the top level.