Sex Cam Review 2022 Review

Here we are boys and girls, live private shows are what it’s all about, and PrivateLive seems to be about no more or less, but one-on-one chats with models. In this case, it’s a purely female site, and indeed, girls do dominate no matter where you turn, even if a site is mixed, male and trans sections usually contain a very tiny portion of models.

However, with a name like that, it’s really a shame that there isn’t more inclusion, I’m sure they would pull on some bigger numbers. Even LiveJasmin, which is a dominant female webcam site (and has undoubtedly the hottest girls), has included males and trannies. So let’s see if PrivateLive is any better than the beforementioned one, or does it fade in comparison.

Cool Features, Bad Ads

PrivateLive has done a good job with its friendliness towards new users, the interface is quite pretty and easy to navigate through. You have a clear path towards models, and a sidebar with categories so you can fully focus on the shows. On top of that, there is a live preview, the same as with LiveJasmin, which enables you to take a peek inside the live shows without clicking on them.

There are also videos you can watch, but they cost a specific amount of tokens, although it’s usually a waste of money since you can get other things you like during private sex chats. The majority of those videos are really low quality, which is kind of surprising, but we’ll see if that’s the case when we review private rooms.

I really don’t like the “HD Sex Videos” section, because it seems like an ad instead of something of value. That link leads you to a video tube site, which basically makes it a paid commercial, and there’s no space for that on a serious camsite. It partially makes them lose some credibility, depending on how much those things bother you.

Personally, I like my webcam experience unbothered by such things, you’re paying money to watch private cams anyway. On the other side, if you’re unbothered by such things, just make sure not to click around on PrivateLive because it may lead to some sketchy site that could potentially harm you.

Categories On PrivateLive

We can all agree that beauty comes in various shapes and sizes, but it seems like that wasn’t the motto PrivateLive is led by. They mainly have a specific type of girls around here, athletic, young, white, and blessed with some firm, round curves. That’s the first thing that caught my eye, all models seem to be somewhat similar, with no noticeable distinction between them.

It’s way better when you’ve got multiple babes, some BBW, other petite, MILFs, and containing multiple ethnicities so you can experience some exotic cultures. That’s the major reason why I think LiveJasmin functions better and appeals to a broader audience, but at least when it comes to beauty, the girls on these sites are neck to neck.

Also when it comes to what they perform, I have to point out a lack of diversity there as well. You may notice categories like “Lesbian”, “Tattoo”, “Shaved”, and similar stuff that’s way too vague. It boils down to you not having enough choices, or simply the shows being somewhat boring, or in other words, vanilla.

Now when you take a look at LiveJasmin, you’re going to be stunned by the number of choices you have. Especially when it comes to fetish cam shows which should be the staple of any cam site. The regular stuff simply doesn’t fill that void and makes the private shows way too simple and unappealing.

Private Shows Could Be Way Better

I was mostly afraid that the quality of private sex cams is the same as those videos, and it truly seems like most models have awful streaming equipment. They either lack a full HD camera, good lighting, or a combination of both. But still, you can find some that have everything necessary, it’s just going to take time.

If you’re fine with lower quality, but demand excellence from performers, then PrivateLive (similar to the RoyalCams) still doesn’t seem like a place for you. In all honestly, the models do try their best, but it doesn’t feel like they really know what they’re doing. Most are amateurs, and they don’t have guidelines to make their job easier by the site.

It’s a common mistake if there are no rules like they have over on LiveJasmin. Even the newbies, of which there are a lot every week, seem to do a way better job. They have to meet certain standards, and they ask you upfront what you’d like and whether they can do it or not, which is a lot fairer than getting thrown in there and being disappointed.

Initially, PrivateLive seemed like it should be a lot of fun, and with more than 300 models online it sounded promising. As of right now, there are too many things that need to be either enhanced, or completely redone, and maybe they eventually do, but as of right now, it’s simply not worth visiting.


PrivateLive has a lot of models, and they are hot by all means, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Due to lack of diversity concerning types of models and shows, it’s severely crippled, to the point where you’re getting 300 average live cam shows that show no sign of originality or effort.

If you’d rather have meaningful interactions with even hotter chicks, then LiveJasmin is way better. For all the years I’ve been a regular there, it has progressed from great to even better. Going into private, or even better, cam2cam, has proven as the ultimate form of entertainment, provided by open-minded models who always look to outperform themselves.