FetishRequests.com Sex Cam Site Review 2022

FetishRequests.com Sex Cam Site Review

With a name like that, one could only come to a conclusion that they have found the one and only, king of fetish cam sites, but is that really true? FetishRequests.com is yet another copy of a different website, and in this case, it’s LiveJasmin.com. They indeed have a lot of fetishes, but it’s hardly a fetish-centric live sex site.

So, from the very start, we have some inaccuracies, and in the grand scheme of things, it can only mean that you’re misled to believe something that’s not true. For any kind of website, purposefully misleading your audience is a bad omen, and that is what this site is doing, however, it’s hardly the whole story.

What Kind of a Copy Is FetishRequests?

Being a copy, FetishRequests doesn’t have anything of their own, not even a smudge of creativity has been poured into this website. At least unless you think recoloring the interface counts as something original because that’s the only thing they have done. The functionality, models, even the tiniest details are “borrowed” from LiveJasmin.

If you were to take a look at some of their legal info, like “About Us” and similar stuff that’s located at the footer of the website, you’ll see they haven’t changed a letter. This way, they’re claiming to be a cam site that’s amongst the best in the world, with a 20+ year history of a successful business, which is simply not true.

That title belongs to LiveJasmin, they’ve been around for that long, and they’ve dominated the market. It’s also one of the only can sites where you can pay in Crypto, PayPal, and some other alternatives. If you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you would remember all the innovations they brought to the table before anyone else.

In comparison, FetishRequests has been around since December 2021, which is laughable. They’re straight-up lying to their users, there’s no other way around it. In essence, there is nothing that would instill reliability with their customers, what they’re doing is not only wrong, it’s degrading to anyone who is actually an owner of a legit webcam site.

Shows On FetishRequests

This business model guarantees the use of LiveJasmin’s entertainers, which is inherently a good thing. But if you compare FetishRequests with the original, you would discover that not all of them are here. They took the freedom to play around and reduce the total number of models for whatever the reason may be.

It simply doesn’t make sense, especially because some heavy-hitters in the fetish niche are missing. Even the top models I am a fan of simply don’t show up here. It just goes to show that not all things can be duplicated, and with the way things are going, this site won’t survive for too long, especially when people find out how it really is.

While a lot of the stuff around here hasn’t been imported properly, at least the sex cam shows are. You can purchase the tokens for the same amount of money as with LiveJasmin, although there are some discounts missing because they want to maximize profit. And then you can chat up with some of the models and see what they want to do for you.

Most often they already have things they’re willing to do listed, but if your fetish isn’t that common, all you have to do is ask. They might do it, or they’re going to tell you that they won’t, there is no middle ground, but that’s how things work around here. Usually, you’ll get what you want, it’s fetishes, these girls are built to serve, and they’re quite open-minded.

You’re Missing Out by Not Visiting LiveJasmin

While live private shows are certainly fun, you are missing out on some of the best models. And on top of that in case anything goes sideways, you don’t have access to LiveJasmin support. Considering FetishRequests is a fairly young site, the customer support they have in place is really bad.

It goes to the point where it might even take you longer than a day to get a response, and their qualifications to handle the requests might not be up to… well, anyone’s standard. Considering the system that’s in place is not made by them, nor do they process the full scope of data, you might hit a brick wall.

That’s especially true for your money, if there’s a dispute about it, this site won’t be able to handle your issues properly. Considering LiveJasmin functions perfectly, and are able to handle any kind of request you have, there really is no point in choosing a copy over it.

If there was something to gain by switching over to FetishRequests, then it would be a sane decision. Considering there are some issues, and you would end up paying the same price, the choice is quite simple, LiveJasmin is the way to go for all your fetishes.


FetishRequests.com is not worth the hassle, it’s a badly made copy, that simply has nothing more to offer to you. In fact, whoever owns this sex cam website has gone out of their way to make it worse, or it might just be incompetence that makes it such.

Let’s face it, LiveJasmin.com has some of the hottest models, which have always been the staple of the site. The fact that they’re versatile in fetishes, and are able to do it like no one else, makes it stand head and shoulders above all. If you have a fetish request, that’s where you go, not to some defective copy.

Cam4ultimate.com Cam Review 2022

Cam4ultimate.com Cam Review

Let’s take a look at Cam4ultimate, and see what this live camming site has to offer. As with plenty of other sites, you can find a lot of models, both male, female, and also trans, and the numbers are staggeringly good. Maybe too good, see, when something is looking this great, there usually has to be a catch.

This site is actually not an original website, it’s a mere recolor of Streamate.com. As such it offers a lot of the same content, experience, and value for money. At least that’s the case usually, but some “Whitelabels” (as these sites are called), are actually far worse than the original, reason being incompetence from those who try to make some money by hardly doing any work.

Is Cam4ultimate A Scam?

As mentioned before, Cam4ultimate is a copy, but let’s see what that really means. The husk, or the interface is pretty much the same, and as a user, you would navigate it the same as you would do with Streamate. There are some subtle changes, mainly with colors, but that’s about it, as far as the eye can see, they are the same.

But that wouldn’t really be a fair comparison if we just stopped here and said “Nothing else to see, move on”, because we need to go under the surface. One of the major issues with whitelabels is that they’re posing as something original, they’ve got the logo, some minor changes, and suddenly acting like something fresh and new.

Needless to say that even the logo they have is inferior to the original, it’s way too plain, even old looking if you pay attention. Considering almost all resources are “borrowed” from Streamate, it would be fair to have a disclaimer that lets you know what it really is.

Instead, even the “Terms and Conditions” and other legal data are worded as if this is a stand-alone site that has been around for years. Also, they’re branding themselves as “Cam4”, which I’m pretty sure is illegal since there’s a live sex site out there with that exact name, and it’s not a copy of another site.

Are Private Cam Shows the Same?

When it comes to shows there’s really nothing to be afraid of. They function the same, you choose a model, chat a bit with her, and enter a private show. That’s where all the magic happens, and that’s where you want to be, spend your money, and get an orgasm-inducing piece of entertainment.

If you stick around for long enough on Cam4ultimate, then you’ll notice some slight issues with your streams, nothing that’s going to annoy you hard, but it’s not the most optimal thing in the world. Maybe that’s a deal-breaker for you, especially when you know that there is Streamate where those issues are non-existent.

That’s why, in my opinion, using a satellite sex webcam website where you might stumble upon some problems is not the most optimal choice. As a user, I’m always looking to minimize my risks, and I’m sure most of you are as well. Especially considering that customer support is seriously lacking since that can’t be copied.

If you happen to have a disagreement with a model, or there is any kind of money-related issue, be prepared for some nail-biting action for a few days. The fewer people are working on a website, the harder it is to resolve anything, and even though it’s rare for that to happen, it’s best not to gamble.

Why Is Streamate Copied by Other Sites?

The reason why Streamate is copied by other sites is simple – it has the largest database of models who perform fetish cam shows. We’re talking foot fetishism, BDSM, hardcore stuff, kinky roleplay, ropes, whips, clamps, cuffs, you name it. Cam4ultimate can certainly feed off that content alone, but I can’t stress enough how important it is that they change more things.

For instance, doing something interface-wise, making the site look different, maybe even better, should be the main focus. This way they have nothing more to offer than the original that would make them worth your time. The way it is right now, you’d be paying the same money to gain less, and that’s unacceptable.

But, on the bright side, even if you register at Streamate, you’re free to check out these copies since the account can be used on them as well. And you can see for yourself why it’s a bad idea to go for whitelabels instead of the original.

To top it off, the prices here are pretty low considering what you’re getting in return. For an average of $2, you can get a minute of a private show. But there are even cheaper variants like “GOLD Shows” which work by you and a few more users buying in a certain amount for a specified number of minutes, and that usually drops the price to dirt cheap.


Cam4ultimate is trying to fit into the big leagues with the big boys, but it’s not ready yet. Overall, copies aren’t able to mimic the success, not even the full functionality of the original. When you also pay the same price here as you would on Streamate, there is really nothing to discuss.

Being the leader in the adult cam world, Streamate takes all the praise from professionals simply because they’re that good. Thousands of models, fetishes, affordable prices, and stability? You would be insane to miss any of that, so try it out, give it a show, and you won’t even think of Cam4ultimate ever again.

ChaturbateCams.com Cam Site Review 2022

ChaturbateCams.com Cam Site Review

If you’ve heard all about Chaturbate.com, then this live cam site might be a bit confusing, what is it really? Well, in short, it’s a whitelabel, not even the original, or something new from Chaturbate, it’s a copy. Considering the name is pretty much the same, with the addition of “Cams”, it goes to show how much originality the people behind this copycat are lacking.

The whole point of whitelabels is to give an already existing site a new, fresh, innovative name and look. Obviously, a simple glance over ChaturbateCams will be enough to show you that it’s not the case here. So, let’s dig deep into it and see what else they’ve got in store for us, good or bad.

What Is The Difference?

Despite being a copy, and having supposed to look at least the same as Chaturbate, this whitelabel is stuck in the past. It’s almost as if it was built on a previous version and left like that. What really irritates me is that they’re using the same logo, not even a new one, and the existing logo is also outdated, from a previous version.

It goes without saying that Chaturbate by itself also has a somewhat distinct look, a bit archaic, but ChaturbateCams has managed to make it look modern in comparison. One of the major differences is ads, the whitelabel is riddled with them, to the point where even a newbie user would be repulsed by it.

In return it makes the site look like a total rip-off, with the added weight of adverts that pull it even deeper downwards. Some users could be unfazed by that change thanks to adblockers, but it’s still a tiny portion of the total number.

It’s hardly the full story behind all the issues this site has, the notification button is missing, so you might miss out on some action if you’re subscribed to models. “Free Tokens” button is gone, and Chaturbate store as well, which is a major disappointment for the fans of any webcam site.

What To Expect

Both the original and copy function pretty much the same, there are thousands of models around, and the live sex shows are focused on live entertainment. This is a major flaw, users who want to experience sex cams at their best want private shows. You certainly can get them, but pretty much all models are focused on live, so they can climb the ladder by gaining more viewers.

This kind of mindset also attracts a lot of freeloaders, people who just watch while you pay, and it gets you thinking. “Why would I pay for someone else”? Well, you shouldn’t, that’s the thing, there are other alternatives like LiveJasmin.com where you can focus on yourself and your desires.

Not to mention that LiveJasmin also offers far more quality fetish cam models, whereas ChaturbateCams is inferior in that field. It’s quite simple, as much as these models want to entertain their viewers, they’re not quite comfortable licking feet, doing bondage, or something harder for everyone to see.

You definitely can find such performers, but they’re buried deep in a sea of other streamers. No matter how great it seems to have so much choice, it can become a headache, finding exactly what you want is that much harder.

All The Flaws of Live Shows

The shows themselves, as you might expect, function a bit differently at ChaturbateCams and its parent site. The vast majority can last up to 8 hours at a stretch, and you don’t have to imagine how hard it is to maintain such longevity. For starters, there is a tipping-based system, when they reach a certain threshold things happen on your screen.

Depending on how popular an adult streamer is, the simples tasks like jerking off might take hours, with a lot of teasing in-between. No matter how patient you are, at one point it’s going to be way too much. On paper, it might seem like a cost-effective way to have fun, but you’re either going to quit or throw your money at models just to see some action unfold.

And even then, they might not hit that desired milestone, be it anal sex, deepthroating, or something else, you can’t count on it. That is unless you hop into a show at the right moment, but you still don’t get the whole experience, only a fraction, and it takes a whole lot more time and money from you.

That’s exactly why LiveJasmin is a better solution that both Chaturbate and its copy. You choose a model, chat together about kinks, and then go right into the action. Those 20-30 mins you get there are so action-packed that an average man is able to cum two times during the stretch.


ChaturbateCams is just a simple re-skin of Chaturbate, and it’s not even doing that good. It’s like an older version of an already rusty website, not pleasant to watch by any chance. Technically they function the same, although original is the original, there’s no doubt about it, and you’re always better going there.

But, at the same time, there are better cam websites, let’s not pretend like Chaturbate is the best option. Anyone who has tried LiveJasmin would tell you the same, it’s a night and day difference. With this site, you feel like a VIP, and that’s the treatment you get from models, no one wants to be “one of the guys” anymore.

HomeWebcamModels.com Site Review 2022

Homewebcammodels.com Sex Cam Site Review

With a name like that, you can hardly expect anything good and original from Homewebcammodels.com, in fact, you shouldn’t expect that at all. Essentially, it’s a whitelabel of the well known sex cam site Streamate.com, and for all of you who don’t know what that word means, it’s a copy.

Now, for most copies, you could say that there are some changes here and there, at least in a positive direction. We’re here to unearth all the secrets behind this one, and whether it has managed to one-up its predecessor, or failed miserably. So far it doesn’t look good, but let’s not judge it without sufficient information.

Is Homewebcammodels A Scam?

Being a whitelabel doesn’t necessarily mean that this site is a scam, as a matter of fact, it’s totally legit. It borrows the interface and models from Streamate, with some minor exceptions which allow it to form a new identity. Still, as a precaution, you should know that joining the original is always a better idea.

The first noticeable difference is in the interface, granted, it’s just a change of colors, but it’s not really a good one. Going for a full-white look gives the site a cheap feel, like you’ve just visited Streamate during the early days of its inception. Another issue, which is more of a pet peeve, is the logo.

It being changed is fine, but Homewebcammodels has done it awfully. If you take a good look, you can see “A Trusted Name In Adult Webcams!” written right next to it. The issue is letters are too small, and you’re going to strain your eyes trying to figure out what’s written. There is literally no reason for that to be there.

If they wanted to truly be trusted, then using a recognizable logo would be far better, instead of a simple camera picture and some words. Other than that, everything looks pretty much the same, or at least the important structure of the website does.

How Different Is It From Streamate?

The very reason you, me, and everyone else is visiting live webcam sites are the models. Be it if they’re male or female, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get what you want. As mentioned above, you won’t be getting anything new, they’re all Streamate entertainers, so you must get the same guys and girls on your list.

There is, however, a minor issue. For some reason, specific performers can’t be found on Homewebcammodels. I would like to tell you more about it, but then we would be playing a guessing game. No matter the reason, the fact is most of them are top-rated performers, which means you might miss out on proper entertainment.

For some that would be a deal-breaker, simply because you never know how much better it could have been. Maybe there’s a real gem hidden between those missing cam models, and it would be a real shame to miss out on them. But if that doesn’t pose an issue for you, then you won’t have a problem.

There are 1000s of them no matter the time of day or night, too many to go through in one lifetime. Considering a massive catalog of fetishes that are available both on Streamate and the whitelabel, you’re definitely going to be able to choose what suits you best. On top of that, there are other categories, and they all help you pinpoint the search.

What Are The Private Shows Like?

Now the only thing left is to actually try out the live sex shows, and not just one, but multiple. I won’t beat around the bush with this one, straight into the action, the options are the same, the payment system as well, even the prices. So, what’s there to even review? Well, that’s the thing, you never know with whitelabels.

This one had some technical issues, for instance, I would randomly get lower quality streams, which is never an issue with Streamate. Then sometimes it happens so that it buffers for way too long, making you wait around for everything to get sorted out. On one of these occasions, I suddenly got disconnected from the private show.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t already charged for what I didn’t get, so I’ve tried sorting it out with customer support. And, surprise, surprise, it’s hardly even existant. It took me good 40 mins to even get a response. Usually, this kind of stuff is handled in a matter of minutes, but it seems like the support system is not the same at all.

So, not only was I wasting money, but also my time, and essentially decided that it was not worth the hassle. Obviously, it wasn’t a large sum, but if it was, I would be pissed off, simply because it feels like I’m pulling teeth with each new message towards support personnel. All these issues are unique to Homewebcammodels, and they really stain the experience.


Homewebcammodels is ok if you don’t know its true nature, that there is actually an original product that’s far superior. Even the pricing is the same, so it really makes no sense to use a whitelabel that has flaws (even if they’re minor), when you’re pretty much paying the same money.

Considering Streamate exists for 20 years, is a recognized and respected name in the industry, it’s hardly ever going to be surpassed, especially by a copy. To top it off, everything works flawlessly, yes, even the customer support, so if you’re looking for a live sex cam website, Streamate has all recommendations.