Review 2022 Review

Once in a while I’ll stumble upon some cool-looking webcam sites that seem like nice spots to visit, and CamPlace perfectly falls under that category. I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t heard about it sooner, maybe because it’s a totally new website, or is there another reason? Well, I’m going to find out for sure.

While it could be great, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, most often than not if a site is anonymous, then there has to be a certain issue. So let’s get right into it, starting from the eye test, through user-friendliness, and model selection, all the way to the private sex chats which are the most important part of a cam site. – First Impression

It’s refreshing to see a website that’s modern, not that there aren’t any out there, but they’re the majority of the time quite aged. CamPlace has a blue theme which is pleasant to look at, and quite a cute-looking interface. You can filter the models with a few options, but there aren’t too many, 22 in total, which is quite low.

There is also a blog section where they update the users on news, and also give introductions to some of their models, but there hasn’t been any fresh news in almost a year. The “insights” tab is literally the blog page with no noticeable changes whatsoever between the two, which is kind of a letdown, but nothing too major.

Of course, in order to chat with the models, you will have to create an account, of which this sex webcam website reminds you a lot. It reaches the point where you’re kind of annoyed and defeats the purpose of checking out CamPlace so you’d make up your mind whether or not it’s worth staying on. Usually, when a site is this pushy, a lot of users would rather leave as fast as possible.

All successful cam sites leave it up to you to decide whether or not you’re going to enjoy their content. For instance, LiveJasmin has it written somewhere in the corner but does it in such a way that they also offer first-time users some special discounts on their purchases. Obviously, this isn’t the case with CamPlace, which tries to bully you into it.

CamPlace Has Barely Any Models Performing

Models here are few and far in-between, which is putting it lightly. You can scroll through them in a couple of seconds, both those who are performing and those who are not online at the moment. In total, you won’t find more than 20 models online at any given time. Those numbers are depressing, and a sign of a dying live porn site.

Not to mention that some of the supposed cam models that aren’t online seem like fake profiles. I find it hard to believe that there is no history or any record of their activity. Some do have it, which are definitely real profiles, but the vast majority don’t seem real, and it’s probably done to artificially increase this site’s reliability.

Even those girls who are online are 90% Colombian, so you don’t have much diversity. Their knowledge of English is questionable at best, so you’re mostly stuck trying to decipher what they’re writing in the chat. It goes without saying that your choices are so tight that it’s hardly worth spending a second on CamPlace. 

So again, let’s use LiveJasmin as an example of what models should look like. There is no correct answer, we all have different preferences. From college girls to MILFs, who are performing pretty much anything, BDSM, fetishes, JOI, femdom, submissive, all to appeal to a broader audience.

Private Shows On CamPlace Are Horrible

Despite everything, I still have to take a peek at some shows. When it comes to live, I’ve encountered quite a few unpleasantries, some models are short-tempered and respond in a hostile manner. Some users are indeed rude, but others have asked the simplest questions, and these girls turned out quite negative towards them.

You can’t even imagine what they’re like in private chats, it’s a horrible experience that no one should go through. Considering the low number of both models and viewers, they are like starving vampires trying to leech every last penny out of you. Some of these girls are dragging out the simplest things like striptease, and not in an alluring manner.

That goes to show how much they don’t care about what kind of show they’re putting out there, and you might as well throw away your money because there’s nothing to gain in return. It doesn’t help that they charge astronomical rates, for which there is no valid reason considering their expertise is amateurish at best.

To think that CamPlace has an HD standard and a modern design, yet their models are so bad is unheard of. I’ve seen more models and viewers on ancient cam sites that look like they’re out of the early 2000s, so things are definitely grim here and aren’t going to get better any time soon.


CamPlace is a cam disaster, the main reason being their models, or the lack thereof. If they manage to snatch some hot chicks who know what they’re doing, maybe there is a future, but as of right now I wouldn’t give them any attention. And above all, they need to have some rules for their models or at least limit the rates they’re charging because the way it is right now is only working against them.

I can’t leave you all just hanging dry in there, even I have to correct my impressions by visiting another sex cam site. LiveJasmin has never done me dirty as this site has. They have far more models, who perform various shows, and take care of you and your boner, so go there if you want to have some explosive orgasms.