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It’s hard not to memorize this site, even if you’re stumbling upon it for the first time, I mean, its whole name IS sex cam. However, does that give them a free pass to your money? I wouldn’t say so, has the name going for them, but we’re here for the raw entertainment, the passion, and dedication from models.

Needless to say, everywhere you traverse along the site needs to be welcoming and memorable, in a good way. Sadly, that usually isn’t the case, there is a reason why some big names like LiveJasmin are at the top of the adult live industry, and it most certainly isn’t because of a memorable name. They’ve earned it through hard work and incredible entertainment.

Fast Interface with Minor Flaws

There’s something about that simply doesn’t work for me right from the start. Their interface is great, not that complicated, but neither is it simple. It’s like they’ve tossed a bunch of buttons around and thought how it’s going to work perfectly. So in essence, it’s not accessible, but at least it’s not an ugly site.

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However, the pics of models are horrendous, it’s like they’re loading in 240p quality, and then some less. A lot of them are blurry and the video previews are snappy as if they’re loading 10 frames per second. All I can hope is that they’ve lowered the quality for previews in order to make the load times faster for the whole site, and not that the shows themselves are that bad, but we’ll see more about that later on.

You can find the “Videos” section of this video chat website, where you’ll be able to see snippets of models during their live shows. It’s a great way of getting to know them, seeing their gestures, how they move or seduce the viewers, and best of all, they’re free. But don’t expect nudity out of those videos, they are simply promotional and nothing more.

Which, at its core, makes no sense because you’ll be able to see nudity in live chats a lot. If it was made in such a way that they show a kinky side of themselves, some action, even if it’s less than a minute long, would be far better. is confusing a lot of the time as if they’re trying to go in multiple directions and end up not perfecting anything. Could Do Better with Fetishes

Let’s talk about categories, as it’s been said a million times so far, they’re really important. Not only do they help you navigate through models, but when done correctly, you can find exactly what you need. has done it so tastefully, it’s really amazing how they were able to pull it off, letting you select multiple categories at once.

There are no additional load times, and best of all, you’ve got a lot of options. For instance, there are “Fetish Females”, with which you can combine the size of tits, hair color, or literally anything else. My only suggestion would be to expand on the fetishes because there are a lot of them, or at least have a tiny section for the type of dominance and such.

If you take a look, at, let’s say KinkLive or LiveJasmin, they have far more fetishes present, even some specific ones. A whole lot of users rely on those categories because let’s be honest, we all need some fetishes in our lives, and they’re the primary reason why we’re on live cams and not simply watching porn. has around 700 models in total, we’re talking female, male, trans, all of them together amount to that number. It might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t, if a cam site doesn’t have that number for female webcam category itself, then you don’t have a lot to choose from, and that’s where more popular cam sites like LiveJasmin do far, far better.

Private Shows on Lack Transparency

Every sex cam site’s value boils down to private shows, and that’s what we’re here for. Before we do land one, the live shows are a sign of times to come. Bear in mind that most models are European, so you won’t have a lot of dark-skinned ladies, Latinas, and Asians. But alas, I’ve made it my goal to test a few.

Here’s what I’ve found out. First, the quality of their cameras is not the best. On average more than half had subpar equipment. The good thing is, it’s not as bad as I’ve suspected earlier, the videos aren’t snappy, they’re just of lower quality. But even that can be ignored, of course, if the shows are great.

I’ve had to talk to them before going private, and the conversations were going fluidly, everything was fine, if they performed a fetish I’ve wanted, they would tell me, if not, then fine, I respect honesty, more than crappy shows. But the problem is, even those who have agreed to perform something were bad, they said yes just for the sake of doing it.

The worst thing is, the shows are, well, expensive. You can imagine how long it takes for setup, some teasing, and then all that to lead into a total let-down. Honestly, I’d rather stick to LiveJasmin which is more popular, where the models are better at their job and don’t mislead you, and the shows aren’t nearly as expensive.

Summary is a lackluster site, it does some things right, the load times are fast, the site is really slick, but then again it’s crowded with unnecessary data and buttons. Then we reach a point of no return, the private cam shows, and the models who don’t deliver what they promise. Of course, there are some more issues in-between, but the gist of it is that is not worth your time.

I would never want the readers to get left dry to hang, you still need a safe place, a better spot for your fetishes and kinks. LiveJasmin is that place, it’s a site that promises to deliver on all aspects and still treat you better than any competitor. There are more models, bigger diversity, and private live shows are actually what you’ve imagined them to be, sometimes even better. Review 2022 Review 2022

If you want to take a peek into the live porn shows before going private with a model, then this could be the site you need. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a revolutionary feature is building their brand on, a lot of other adult webcam sites have the same thing, and some do it to perfection. So, how will this site hold up?

We’re heading into the core of their website and certainly won’t disregard everything before it. A professional, user-oriented cam site needs to have the whole package. Maybe the biggest one at this moment would be LiveJasmin, it’s absolute perfection on all fronts, so we may use it as a point of reference throughout the review.

Peekshows Has an Admirably Sharp Design

Visually speaking, Peekshows is quite captivating, the site looks quite modern, with accessible features even for first-time users. It’s incredibly important that the consumers feel welcomed, and they have managed to grasp that feeling. Although, their branding is somewhat bad, especially when it comes to the logo.

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It’s just a bunch of purple-on-black letters with no stylization at all. All the great cam sites have some sort of memorable name or a logo that rings a bell wherever you see it. Besides that being an issue, the eye test concludes that everything is in perfect order. The categories are located on the left side, models are centered so you can focus on them, and there are other sorting options that you can filter by.

Thankfully, everything is quite responsive, there are no noticeable lags no matter where you click. When it comes to models, you can view some of their features without even watching the live shows. Most of them have an icon that represents things like tip-controlled vibrators, which is the most popular thing around here.

Although everything looks neat, I have to scold Peekshows for placing some ads towards other sites. They are neatly packaged into a “More” drop menu but have absolutely no connection to what they’re presenting on the site. I’ve never seen such things at serious cam sites, especially on LiveJasmin, they focus on offering you pleasure, not links to other sites as a form of additional revenue.

More Diversity on Peekshows Wouldn’t Hurt

There are about 400 cam models online here, give or take a few dozen based on the time of you tuning in. It’s a solid number, but I wouldn’t be against more, simply because I’m used to having thousands of girls, so the pool for types of shows they’re performing is a lot bigger. It’s noticeable through categories, where some are seriously underrepresented.

For instance, BDSM shows, fetishes, and kinks are a big reason for a user to stick around, or even join a cam site. A total of 30 models could do such shows, but that’s if we’re taking specific fetishes into consideration and then adding them all together. Foot fetish and roleplay shows amount to 20 of those, and that’s the most casual type of shows you can get on any cam site.

Mentions of something like bondage, JOI, and similar stuff are nowhere to be found. American, Arabian, and Asian girls are a few and far in between over here. Most of the girls are either Latinas, or white Euro chicks, and don’t let me get started on ebony babes, they’re a real rarity around here.

I really don’t like that the definitive majority of models have to fall into the bracket of skinny, somewhat athletic girls. They end up looking like each other, and that’s simply unappealing. Just take a look at LiveJasmin, the diversity they have is apparent, and you’ve got way more fetishes to choose from, with more girls performing each and every one of them.

Private Shows Are Boring

It’s hard to find a perfect girl on Peekshows if you’re looking for anything other than the “norm”. There is a certain look they’re going for here, but let’s pretend that you’re fine with it, the next step is to check out their live performances and weigh out their value. Are their shows on this live cam website worth it? That depends on how alluring the girl is, but that’s just the first step.

Next, you have to contact her through chat and figure out whether or not she’s going to do what you want. I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of having to wait for too long if some didn’t feel like replying. That usually happens if they see right off the bat that I’m asking for something they don’t do, so they don’t bother replying.

Even that is a problem that can be solved, but private chats? That’s a whole other beast, and considering the bad quality of their equipment, it’s a beast that’s going to swallow this site. There simply isn’t enough quality control going around to account for their insane prices. Yes, these girls will charge you astronomical rates for mediocre shows.

It’s no wonder so many are flocking to LiveJasmin which is the best adult cam site reviewed on as their proven source of cam site entertainment. The professionalism there is on a whole other level than that of Peekshows. And not to mention the prices, your pocket won’t suffer because you’ve been on a hot private show, which is what should happen on all live sex sites.


The goal of Peekshows is to attract as many users as they can, but they fail at retaining them. Even though it looks neat, even on an admirable level, but the experience of their shows soils the picture. There aren’t enough choices, not enough models who actually care about their performances, and even the customer support is unresponsive, so you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth (especially if you spent money here).

In order to bypass all the negligence and downfalls of, you should turn your attention towards It’s the perfect site, the models are stunning, dedicated to their crafts, and you’ve got more choices all around. Private shows are the absolute highlight on LiveJasmin, and they will leave you speechless, so make sure to check it out. Adult Cam Review 2022 Adult Cam Review

If you’re looking for new adult cam sites, maybe you manage to find some, hell, maybe you even found and want to know something more about it. More often than not such excursions on the lusty side of the internet end in major disappointments, other times, it ends up with dry pockets and wet eyes.

But once you make a mistake it’s already late, so it’s best to act ahead of time and inform yourself whether or not it’s worth taking a visit. That’s what this review is all about, and we’re not going to spare words, no matter how good or bad it gets throughout our visit at ExtasyCams.

ExtasyCams Gives Off a Horrible First Impression

With most cam sites the homepage is their anchor, and everything is built around it. It serves the same purpose on ExtasyCams, but I can tell you right off the bat that they’re missing a lot of things. For instance, there are no filters visible anywhere, maybe I find them later, but as of right now, they’re nowhere to be seen.

There is a tiny drop menu located at the top right corner, and it basically serves as navigation throughout the site. By navigation, I mean that you can jump to the homepage, log in, or contact, and that’s literally it. The rest of the page are models, their chats, which have no information other than their names.

ExtasyCams looks like an unfinished site, and it’s crippled by the lack of options. To me, or anyone who’s visiting for the first time, I can’t imagine it looks trustworthy, at the very best it might seem like a well-crafted scam. But the very fact that it’s a legit cam site makes me wonder why everything is the way it is.

But things change once you log in with an account, you get additional options, all of which are tied to your account. Thankfully, there are also categories, they miraculously show up to save the day. Overall, their interface is seriously lacking some basic options, all you need to do is take a look at other sites, like, and you’ll see what it’s supposed to look like.

This Site Will Confuse You

Considering the filters have finally appeared, we can test out the types of shows they’ve got. The major one would be “Fetish”, which is actually the only one there is, the rest of the filters are for the types of models. In total there are 20 filters, and that number is hilariously low, to the point where they’re useless and serve no purpose.

Besides, there are also some bugs that appear if you deselect some categories. A lot of the time when you select them again in the checkbox, nothing appears, and you will have to reload the page to be able to get those models to show up. What’s really mind-boggling is the fact that some models label themselves as Asian or Hispanic, but don’t fit in those ethnic groups at all.

Considering you are forced into creating an account just to see those options, and yet get let down makes it worse. But the cherry on top is that you can’t even preview the models without purchasing tokens. Not even a couple of pics, or God forbid a live chat that doesn’t coerce you into spending money before you make your choice.

Once again I have to fall back to the comparison with normal sex webcam sites, and once again I’m going to use LiveJasmin. Their models don’t perform hard in live chats, they still rely on private to perform and earn money, but you can see what they look like for free. Hell, you can even message them at no charge to find out if they’re willing to perform what you need, which is a very important step of the process.

ExtasyCams Isn’t Worthy of a Dime of Your Money

So let’s get this straight, you HAVE to pay if you want to play, but they won’t even show you the toy. ExtasyCams also does this thing where they promise you 15 mins of a show for $2, which is obviously only for the first sign-up. It’s worded so that most people would think that it’s the norm throughout the site, but you have to read the fine print. And that’s a bonus, that you only get after spending 10 hours on private chats, which would cost you more than $200.

For the sake of finalizing the review, I’ve had to do it, and only then did I have access to models. Those “Fetish” shows don’t even exist, every model is tagged under that category, and none of them do fetishes. That isn’t even the only issue, the quality of their streams is horrendous, borderline unwatchable.

Private one-on-one shows simply don’t exist, and the models are so linear and boring that you’d want to fall asleep. ExtasyCams is a disaster, I don’t see how anyone on planet Earth could think that their business module is profitable. I can bet that 99% of the people who accidentally come here won’t spend a dime.

Even their support is bogus, instead of having a live sex chat with a person, you have to basically write an e-mail, and cross your fingers in the hope to get a response. It’s almost like they’re trying to make their site look like a scam. I don’t even need to remind you that there are other, far better options that give you for free what you’re paying for here.


It seems like ExtasyCams tries their hardest to not attract people. There is absolutely nothing good about their site, from a technical point it’s broken, there aren’t even enough models, and you can’t preview those who exist. It’s like you’re going to a concert, but can’t know who’s performing unless you purchase a ticket.

Just stick to trustworthy sites, go to LiveJasmin and save yourself the headache of visiting ExtasyCams. If you want a good, valuable camming experience, where you can preview webcam models who are better looking by a margin than the ones here, then visit LiveJasmin. You can thank me later, after you try their private shows, they will blow your socks off. Webcam Site Review 2022 Webcam Site Review

You may have heard of adult cam websites with a similar name, but don’t let that fool you, KinkLive is a thing of its own. I’m sure the name itself could get them in trouble eventually, but that’s not the point of this review. We’re here to find out what KinkLive has to offer to its consumers, and whether or not you can rely on it for pleasure.

Most of the time, users correlate kinks with fetishes, which is the correct way of thinking, so we’re going on a hunt for the twisted pleasures many of us lie to dabble in. Can their models perform at the desired level? Are there even enough models you can go to a private show with? Let’s see in this detailed, step-by-step review.

KinkLive Could Be a Promising Cam Site!

The look of this site gives off the exact vibe you came here for. It’s kinky, edgy, colored in black and red that are a trademark of many mistresses, and it couldn’t look any better. Besides the female section, as is tradition there are also male and trans sides of the website, but they’re so small that it’s not even worth talking about.

Usually, on other established sites, those sections would be fairly well populated and worth visiting. It’s a minor letdown for some, but we’re going to fully focus on girls instead. You can count on their involvement through some additional content. They sometimes post videos and pictures that you can watch after purchasing.

They’re not really worth it, simply because the majority is old at this point, with only a few being from the past 2 years. All that is beyond the point of a cam site you’re here to find the girl you like, and the categories help you with the search. They are full of fetishes, which is nice to see, all you need to do is scroll through them and select one.

Additionally, there is a thing called “Kink Channel” which, for some reason, has 3-4 models highlighted only. This is an even greater mindfuck because it serves no purpose at all. A lot of the stuff around KinkLive seems like filler content, which is certainly not the case with the likes of

KinkLive’s Empty Promise of Fetishes

Despite having a lot of options for fetish shows, they are hardly ever populated. This is definitely the biggest let-down on KinkLive, a site that’s supposed to be built on kinks. You would be lucky to find a girl that’s truly a mistress, the one that knows what she’s doing, or even has whips, ballgags, and other fetish toys.

Not to mention that their outfit isn’t nearly applicable on fetish shows, so the dream of having a kinky pleasure site is long gone. Considering there are around 400 models online, you are pretty much visiting a “vanilla” cam site, boring, regular, with girls rubbing their slit or riding dildos without any excitement.

Honestly, now that I’ve mentioned LiveJasmin, it got me thinking, that site has far more fetish shows. Actually, it has some of the best fetish shows I’ve seen, and more fetish models, by a magnitude of the number. That’s a site that doesn’t even advertise itself as such and yet manages to pull kinks off to perfection.

Maybe KinkLive sounded promising, but it certainly has failed to deliver, which is a real shame because the site perfectly encapsulates the feel and look that users crave. However, we can’t judge it by that alone, there have to be some shows that reflect the name and intention behind a live chat site.

It’s Not Looking Good for KinkLive

Out of all 20 models who are tagged under “BDSM”, 5 of them look like they can pull off such shows, so I’ve turned my attention towards them, thinking they could be my saving grace. And boy was I wrong, not only are they average-looking, but the extent of their fetish shows lies in showing off feet and rubbing them.

That’s about as much as you can hope for, and it can’t even be called BDSM, it’s an insult. To add salt to the wound, the quality of cameras with these girls (and 90% of the site) isn’t even HD. But maybe that’s a good thing? At least you can’t see them properly because there’s nothing of essence to be seen.

To think that in 2022 we have to watch on, pardon my French, such shit quality, is definitely something I didn’t expect to happen, especially here. Generally, even the stuff they were performing wasn’t quite captivating, even though it’s not what I was looking for, I can still appreciate dedication and quality, but there’s none here.

As for myself, I’m better off using what is already established. LiveJasmin has been fantastic from day one, and believe me, I’ve got miles on that site. Their fetish section is full of models, who are, by the way, properly equipped for such shows, and better looking than models on any other cam site. When it’s time to show up, they overcome all expectations, and every next time you come, they have something new to offer, so definitely a better choice.


KinkLive could be big if they stood true to their name and offered what is written on the wall – kinks Unfortunately, from failed filtering options that have fetishes, but got hardly any model doing them, to actual shows that are so boring that you’d be trying not to fall asleep, this site is not even worth mentioning anymore.

That spot is reserved for better adult cam sites, and your attention as well. Trust my personal choice and go to LiveJasmin. Even going into a private fetish show there is an event. The models try to keep you engaged, and they most certainly manage to do it. You’ll be busting multiple nuts a night with ease, that’s unless you want to be released from a chastity lock, otherwise, expect some orgasm denial. Review 2022 Review

Welcome to the review where we’re going to find out the ins and outs of this new live sex site. It certainly does look promising, with a nice theme, visually appealing design, and a solid amount of models. But can the fact that they’re a lesser-known site mean that there is something hiding behind the curtains that isn’t that good?

Well, we’re here to find out, and we’re not going to just scratch the surface, but rather go above and beyond to see what it has to offer. Considering how tight the competition is, there is hardly any room for mistakes. Considering most popular websites have an adjusted price range that still manages to compete with smaller sites, and sometimes even outdoes them, something like LiveJasmin will serve as a comparable video chat site.

XCams Has a Very Slick Design

The very first thing you, me, and pretty much any user notices is the design. XCams has that factor solved, they are modern, rocking the purple color as a symbol of lust, and give the spotlight fully to their cam models. The site has some common filters highlighted right on the header bar to make it easier for visitors.

You can select the language they speak, the size of their tits, color of hair, body size, and age. On top of that, there are other options, but they are mostly reserved for the type of show or at least some of the vaguest options. The expanded filtering options do have some more choices, but they’re not all-encompassing.

Instead, you can find some additional things, but it’s about 30% more at best. What I really like about it is that you can cross-select more options, and it’s amongst the easiest and most responsive designs I have seen. However, most often you will get just a few results, and then the rest of the empty space would be filled with random models.

From what I’ve noticed, they’re the same girls who appear on the front page. There certainly could be more filtering options and even tags that models set themselves so some types of shows are easier to find. Maybe I’m just spoiled by LiveJasmin, but whenever I was searching for something there, I managed to find it, even if it’s the tiniest detail that excites me at the moment.

What Type of Models Can I Expect?

XCams has a surprisingly small number of models online, it’s not “garbage” bad, but more like “there could be more” bad. You can for certain count on 300 of them at all times, which fades in comparison with big players like LiveJasmin who manage to pull in thousands of models. This gives rise to other issues, like diversity.

Most of the models here are European, while Latinas, Asian, and ebony models are only a portion of the business. And you know how it goes around here, if you can’t find a model of certain ethnicity that looks a certain way, and does certain shows, there’s not much to be done, and why would you settle for mediocrity anyway?

There’s absolutely no reason to. Oh, and while we’re talking about types of shows, here is another problem, there isn’t enough. For instance, there are Men and Trans sections of the site, and they have single-digit performers online. On top of that, you’ve got the kinks and fetishes, for which XCams doesn’t have filters.

So imagine you want some foot fetishes, or something similar. Finding the model alone is a headache, not to mention going from one to the other and inquiring whether or not she wants to suck her own toes. You can already imagine the thought process that goes into doing such a thing, it’s exhausting and outright unnecessary.

Private Shows Are Not the Highlight of XCams

Let’s imagine you’ve found a model that you like, and everything lines up just perfectly. That’s what I’ve managed to do after a lot of time, searching, questioning, doing everything in my power to find “the one”. Now, the private shows are the ultimate goal, you want it to be as close to perfect as it can, at least the first time you visit a specific model.

On XCams I’ve somewhat had the luck to hang out with a couple of ladies who are great and love doing what I love doing, but the execution just didn’t feel good enough. It was almost as if they were performing everything just for the sake of performing it, without any interest, or effort to truly get me captivated.

Other times I’ve felt like they’ve more or less said “yes” so I would agree on a private show, and it quickly went downhill. Overall, you might have a good time, but don’t expect anything spectacular. When it comes to purchasing tokens and spending them, XCams can stand their own ground, they have multiple payment options, but the pricing could be lower.

I’m still going to stand by LiveJasmin and their live shows, considering the price is pretty much the same, and they have much more models, it’s a no-brainer. Also all models there are the most beautiful girls you have ever seen, however that statement might sound bold or overexaggerated, it’s true, all it takes is one look and you’ll be convinced.


XCams is overall a pretty solid site, design and functionality-wise, but there is much growing to do because they yet can’t offer the quality that others have. If there were more filters you can use, more HD cam shows, and competitive prices, then maybe, just maybe they could attract more users and be valuable to a broader audience.

Until that happens, you should go to LiveJasmin which is far better in every shape. They have models from all over the world, East to West, whatever exotic beauty from a specific corner of the earth you want to explore, it’s there. And let’s not forget private sex shows, they’re unparalleled, no one does it better than their fully dedicated female, male, and trans models. Sex Cam Review 2022 Review

If every live webcam site had a soul, then we would be overwhelmed with choices, but it certainly isn’t the case. But can one of them with the name of SoulCams offer such fantastic experiences to users and make them stay indefinitely? That’s what this review is for, to check out yet another website and focus on its highs and lows to bring you an unbiased opinion.

We’ve been through a lot of adult chat sites over the years, and let me tell you something like a disclaimer – they’re usually worse than the name suggests. Could that be the case with this one? We’re going to research it step-by-step, and tell you what we’ve found out along the way.

Does Soulcams Have a Soul?

Visually I can’t really decide whether SoulCams is old, or new. It’s almost like it borrows some sections from other sites and has mashed it together into whatever this is. From the very first moment I would say that it truly has a soul, but whether it’s pretty or ugly is up to you to decide, I would go for the latter.

It doesn’t have any kind of preview of models except for their pics. For example, on other sites, you get at least some kind of video or slide of hottest pics, or even a preview of their live shows like on LiveJasmin by simply hovering with cursor over their webcam profile. And then the problem with filtering comes.

On SoulCams you’ll find that there are like 7 filters, and then what? There are no tags visible anywhere on the site, but they do exist. You just have to scroll all the way towards the footer of the page, and find it written amongst 30 other non-show related things in tiny letters “More tags”.

An average user will struggle to find it, even though there are a bunch of options, more than I can count. There is also some additional content besides the cams. You can find photos and videos that are up for purchase, and for some reason, most of them are at least a decade old, so they’re not really worth buying.

The Models On SoulCams

Let’s talk numbers, SoulCams has around 200 models performing on average, which is quite solid. Most of them look really great, alluring, but there are some flukes here and there, like girls who unfortunately don’t look anything like what you’d expect on a cam site. On top of that, the “Fetish” section of the website is not really flourishing.

It’s amongst the most important types of shows, and SoulCams at the time of writing this has 3 girls only. One of which is super hot, like fall in love with her hot, and the other two are… well… you get the point. You can see what languages they speak by the flags that are shown on their chats. Those who speak English are positioned at the top, they have a huge advantage.

However, you’d be lucky to find some 10 cam models that do speak it, you can find a few German models, and the rest are mostly Russian. When it comes to show diversity, it’s also not a fairy tale. Yes, there is a gay and trans part, but they’re laughable, containing only a few models there. Then the types of shows, oh boy, is it flat.

Most girls on SoulCams are doing masturbation and maybe toying shows, but that’s about it. Honestly, considering I’ve mentioned LiveJasmin already, I’m going to mention it again in the context of what a good cam site is supposed to look like. A lot of diversity, a massive selection of models, and a mind-boggling choice of private show types.

Private Shows on SoulCams and Their Pricing

I usually go by the logic of “If shows are good, everything is forgiven”, because that’s what really matters, how much fun you have. It depends on a few factors, and the first has to be camera quality. I’ve gone around, skipping from one live show to the other, and found out that there was in total, an incredible number of only 1 HD quality sex chat show.

In order to make the review successful, I’ve had to swallow that pill and randomly choose models to partake in private shows. Now bear in mind that I’ve had to choose the ones who speak English, so the selection pool is already at an all-time low. Honestly, a lot of them went ok, not that I was impressed, but they do get a passing grade for me.

Although it could be better, I’ve had major issues with their prices. They are insane, too expensive for what they have to offer, the same money could get me 10x the fun on another site. Not to mention that there is an option for tipping in live, and it’s equally pricey, going at a rate of more than $1.

SoulCams is hardly a contender with their models, they not only could be better but don’t hold a candle to serious sites like LiveJasmin. There’s a reason why it’s been the leading cam site for some 20 years now. They have what it takes, the hottest girls around, immersive private shows, unlike dying sites like SoulCams.


If you’re looking for a flawed site with a bunch of foreign models that struggle with English, then SoulCams is the place for you. But who are we kidding? Not a single soul in this world could actually be interested in dishing out their hard-earned money for “OK” shows when there are much better things out there for half the price.

If you want a cam site with a soul, then go to LiveJasmin, I’ve never been disappointed, not even close. From the moment you step there, the hot chicks are radiating beauty, willing to do whatever it takes to please you. Whatever kink or fetish you dabble in, rest assured that at least one of thousands of models will be able to please you, that’s what live webcam sites should be all about.