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If you love everything about adult video chat sites, then you must be asking yourself “is this one for real?”. And it truly is, a legit site with a lot of models of different backgrounds, but we’re here to see how good really is. Usually, the best way to do it is by comparing it with one of the top live sites out there that we have already reviewed on the

So let’s use LiveJasmin, it has a bunch of models as well, and the exclamation mark is on the private shows, so they have a lot in common. It all comes down to whether or not the user experience is good enough, and what the price/value ratio is. Is LiveCams unique, better, or is it possibly far worse? Let’s see!

Is LiveCams a Fetish Site?

The black background with some red shades all throughout this site makes it look like it’s full of fetish shows, with a lot of BDSM models. For the most part that is true, and you’ll see it right off the bat with the featured models at the top. The only visually confusing thing here is the logo. It’s a white “i” with a red dot.

While you’re on the site, the white part blends in with the rest of the white around it, so it looks like a red dot, almost like the flag of Japan. It’s not that huge, but I found it funny considering it’s an easily solvable problem. On to the stuff that’s more fun! The webcam site itself has some nice features that make it stand out.

For instance, you’ve got gold shows that are quite unique. They work on the premise of multiple users paying a certain amount of money, and once the threshold is reached, you all watch a show together. It’s cheaper than regular shows, but in essence, it works like live shows from other sites.

You’re basically tipping, but the difference is, you don’t know what the show is going to contain. It could be anything, or it could be nothing, so it feels as if you’re taking a gamble. I’m not a fan of these things, especially when we take into account that there are multiple people watching so it doesn’t feel personal.

Are LiveCams Models Good Enough for Me?

You can find at least a thousand models online at LiveCams at all times. That’s enormous, and the fact that they’ve got a whole lot of diversity helps their case. For instance, you can find Asians, BBW, Grannies, Latinas, and a whole lot more. It might seem like they’ve got everything going for them, so where does it rank against LiveJasmin?

Well, LiveJasmin has pretty much the same amount of diversity, models from all over the world, a lot of diversity, and an equally large number of models. But where it excels is the beauty of models. They are too beautiful, and it’s not even close to being an exaggeration because it takes just a glance and you’ll notice the difference.

There is a reason why LiveJasmin has the status of the closest to perfect a live sex site can be, especially because they carefully pick and choose which girls are going to perform. LiveCams has yet another issue, and it’s that they’re pushing girls from Romania to the top. The majority of flags you notice, regardless of category, are from that Eastern European country.

There may be some bias included, but it goes without saying that you’ll be able to find other cam girls as well, it just takes some scrolling and skipping pages. Considering there is also a ranking system in place, you could argue that ranking should go along the line of highest scoring to lowest, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

What Can I Expect from Private Shows?

While most of the girls here are posing as expert fetish performers, it might not be so true. Their expertise is questionable, or at the very least not up to par with other, more professional sites. Before you even reach that point, you’ll have to chat up with a model and see if she’s willing to perform a fetish that she is tagged for.

A lot of the time some of these models fall under the “anal” or “whips” category, but don’t actually do it. They are the ones who set those rules, and in the end, fail to deliver on that promise. If that wasn’t enough of a headache, then their failure to stream with an HD camera will make your head pulse from exhaustion.

No matter how good or bad your eyesight is, constantly straining them will only make it worse and will annoy you. LiveCams really has a lot of cam models, but you can sign 80% of them off due to bad equipment or lack of experience. To make matters worse, they brazenly overvalue their shows, so you’re left with disappointment and a hole in your pocket.

Considering how professional all models are on LiveJasmin, how they treat every minute of your time with something special, their value skyrockets, especially when you take the price in question. Their professional approach to camming and honest interest in fetishes makes me appreciate LiveJasmin even more now that I’ve seen LiveCams.


LiveCams is a fetish webcam site primarily, but it doesn’t do that the right way. The models are left to shape the shows on their own accord, and they usually go sideways. That’s what happens when no one controls them, and there are no rules, so users mainly suffer, despite paying for entertainment. Oh, and good luck getting your money back from them when your show turns out to be a total disaster. 

It’s not worth the risk when you’ve got LiveJasmin as the staple of camming. The 20-year tradition they have speaks volumes about the type of business that has been built. Every penny you spend here is worth a dollar on other sites, there is no beating around the bush, just insanely good entertainment for everyone involved.