Review 2022 Review

This live sex chat site has been on my radar for a long time, and it’s finally time to take a good look at it from all angles and do a proper review. I was mostly intrigued thanks to its appealing interface and interesting models at a first glance. Seeing as it seems to be of high quality all around, there are certain standards that it needs to withhold.

It’s not so rare that a cam website is able to hit the mark on a single point while neglecting other parts of the equation. Considering this is a girls-only site (as the name suggests), it’s quite easy to get lost and let them do their own thing without setting any rules in place, or holding them to a high standard in order to maximize the gains for both the site and the user.

Can Camdolls Hold the Expectations?

I’ve already said that this site is visually stunning, and it truly does manage to grab the attention of a user. It’s crisp, with a black background, and the focus is fully on the girls, for which I can’t stress how important that is. They are the ones everything revolves around, so they deserve the utmost respect and recognition.

But there is an issue, after all, this site actually isn’t a fully female-centric cam site. There are male and trans sections, which kind of makes the name pointless, or at least in the case of the male category. While you won’t come by them unless you explicitly click there, it kind of makes you think if they’ve missed the point completely.

Other than that, the site itself has some cool features, like a list of “Top 20 Models”, “New Models”, and a calendar schedule for upcoming model appearance. You can set an alarm for the exact time and date, so you don’t miss out on your favorite girl. But then again, there are some shady things hidden around.

The “More” drop menu looks like it contains some official content, but instead, it contains a few links to other sites. I wouldn’t call them exactly trustworthy because they’re in a foreign language that I don’t understand, or wouldn’t bother understanding because it may as well all be a scam, and I don’t want to be one of those suckers who fall for such tricks.

What Does Camdolls Have to Offer?

As for models, there are some 500 of them online, the number certainly varies depending on when you tune in, but let’s call that an average. It’s quite enough, or it at least seems like it is, but even so, it may be underwhelming. Let’s take the ethnicity of the models into consideration, there is not much diversity.

Most of them are either pale-skinned, petite Russian girls, or big booty Latinas. That’s the vast majority, with some other nationalities and ethnicities in-between, but you’d have trouble finding them for sure. Those are all reasons why I’m usually sticking to trustworthy sites like LiveJasmin.

I mean, would you rather have a lot of choices, some sexy American chicks, Asian, western Euro babes? And would you like to participate in kinky bondage, female domination, roleplay, or something else inside the world of BDSM? Because that’s what LiveJasmin is all about, and it’s probably the reason why sites like these will hardly ever be able to stand up to it, let alone surpass it.

Not to mention that it has, even with such diversity, far more models online at all given times, which on its own makes it above and beyond Camdolls. And a cherry on top would be HD cameras, which are a rarity on Camdolls just like on Royalcams, so you’re constantly faced with depressingly low pixel count on your screen as if you’re watching censored porn.

Is Camdolls Even Worth Your Money?

Cam2Cam sessions are possibly the most intense, sexually pleasing of all shows on any cam site. Even if you’ve never tried it, just give it a shot one time, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Camdolls, luckily, offers these kinds of shows, but there is an evident language barrier that gets between you and that dazzling experience.

Some of these chicks aren’t so good with English, and by that I mean that they can’t speak a word. Instead, you’ll have to chat with her and wait until she translates what she wants to write, and then go back and forth for ages. Also, Cam2Cam loses purpose because of that issue, it’s just not worth spending a few bucks extra if you can’t communicate.

Girls who are fluent are rare, but they exist, and you will usually find them at the top of your list on the homepage. They usually disappear quite fast because other users are hungry for some English-speaking chicks. I’ve accidentally managed to get my hands on one, and she wasn’t much fun, seemed more like a stuck-up spoiled brat. It’s truly sad, but it seems like there is no middle ground on Camdolls.

The main reason why I’m comparing this site to LiveJasmin is that I’ve thought they could have something in common, but now that we’re finished, it seems like Camdolls is unfortunately a failed attempt at making a competitive cam site. And also there’s the thing where LiveJasmin is simply the top site in the world for private chats.


Camdolls is facing some major issues, and the biggest ones revolve around models. They could be more diverse, or even offer something else, other than vanilla masturbation shows. Those are the most common ones around here, and it gets really boring after a few times, no matter how hot a chick is.

Your solution is quite simple, don’t go here, take your money and time elsewhere. LiveJasmin is a personal choice, and I can only recommend you what’s already been tested. Go there and have the time of your life doing the filthiest things you have dreamt of, oh, and let’s not forget, even though they’re open-minded, the cam girls over at LiveJasmin are simply the prettiest, hottest babes you’ll ever see, that’s a promise.