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When it comes to fetishes, we all like to dabble into the dark side which is full of suspense, restraints, and sometimes even pain. seems like a place where you can let your animalistic desires run wild, and with a sexy mistress dressed in latex, leather, and holding a whip in her hand.

At least that’s what the essence of such cam sites should be, but does it manage to hit certain standards according to your taste? Well, we all certainly have different standards when it comes to sex, opinions vary from one user to another, but there are some things that are global no matter what your preferences are, and we’re here to see if this site checks those boxes.

Bdsmcamchats Is Looking Like a True Fetish Site

The way BDSMCamChats is set up makes it seem real sinister, like you’re in a dungeon, with mistresses all around you. Your only job is to pick which one is going to spank your ass and make you her bitch. And thanks to the incredibly large model chat windows, you almost feel like you’re in a show before actually going in.

While all those things look and feel captivating, there are some missed opportunities to round out the experience. For instance, the logo looks really poor, and it’s usually the one thing people remember a site by. It’s just a bunch of plain text that serves no other purpose but to tell you that you’re on their adult video chat site.

Even that wouldn’t be an issue if the text was stylized in a way that’s memorable. Take a look at some other cam sites, like LiveJasmin, sure, it’s just words, but they hold some weight, and you easily recognize their logo wherever it is. Now that we’re at it, there are some more things BDSMCamChats could learn from LiveJasmin.

Like model room preview on BDSMCamChats, it’s a random video that the model has selected for themselves. While some of them look good, others are horrendous and serve no purpose at all. On LiveJasmin it’s much more candid, there you can see what’s going on during the live cam performance without actually entering it. That way, you actually know what her current outfit and mood are, making your decision far easier.

Can BDSMCamChats Fulfil Expectations?

Even with a solid start, BDSMCamChats really lacks in various areas, and in this case, it’s the models. Some of them truly look stunning, but the numbers tell a whole different story. You’ll be lucky if there are 30 models online, and over the course of time I’ve spent here, it went from bad to worse.

I’ve made it my mission to pay more attention, and I’ve discovered that those 30-ish models are pretty much the only ones who perform BDSM here. They kind of overlap depending on the time, but it just goes to prove how tight the pool from which you can choose is. While LiveJasmin might not be a BDSM-only site, it has far more choices for that niche.

And not only does it have more, but you’re always bound to see some fresh faces, there are models signing up every day. The reason why I’m mentioning LiveJasmin is purely persona, it’s simply the only site where I’ve managed to have fun during fetish webcam shows with various babes, and the experience was stellar, no doubt about it.

When I take a look at sites like BDSMCamChats, I simply can’t help but make a comparison. Even the way the filtering is conducted here is quite underwhelming. Instead of being able to choose multiple fetishes, you can only focus on one. What if you want more than, say, fisting? You will have to waste time and ask a model instead of doing that automatically with built-in options.

What’s The Quality Like on BDSMCamChats?

Despite all the low numbers, you haven’t really tried a sex cam site until you try the shows. BDSMCamChats supposedly has “Free” and “Private” shows. But the thing is free is just another word for live, there is nothing free about it, which is the case with most serious cam sites, you have to go private one way or another.

It seems to me like it’s just a marketing ploy to make you join their site, and to inevitably get disappointed. Believe me, I’ve tested half a dozen of these models in private, and what they performed is in no way, shape, or form fun. The way they conduct themselves seems so unnatural as if someone is forcing them to do it, which takes away the immersive aspect of private shows.

Once again, LiveJasmin and their models have never managed to make me feel like an intruder while paying for entertainment. I think it has to do with experience, LiveJasmin has strict rules and hires professionals or even amateurs that prove themselves. The whole process is quite hard to go through, and it shows through quality.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is video quality. I’m not interested in chatting with a model who doesn’t even have the equipment necessary for shows. Most of the models on BDSMCamChats look grainy, or even pixelated, simply because they don’t have the HD standard like LiveJasmin and other better cam sites have.


BDSMCamChats starts off strong but quickly lets you down. They don’t have nearly enough models to be able to compete with other sex cam sites. Quality is also a major issue all over the board, especially considering how pricy fetish shows can get here, so you’re essentially throwing your money away.

For the same amount of money, you’re better off going somewhere else. I like LiveJasmin, and I’m going to stick with it for the time being. The live private shows are on another plane from their competition, they’re immersive, full of lust and cravings, and the models are dedicated to making you orgasm… or denying it if you’re a bad boy who needs to be punished.