Webcam Site Review 2022 Review 2022

It’s hard not to memorize this site, even if you’re stumbling upon it for the first time, I mean, its whole name IS sex cam. However, does that give them a free pass to your money? I wouldn’t say so, has the name going for them, but we’re here for the raw entertainment, the passion, and dedication from models.

Needless to say, everywhere you traverse along the site needs to be welcoming and memorable, in a good way. Sadly, that usually isn’t the case, there is a reason why some big names like LiveJasmin are at the top of the adult live industry, and it most certainly isn’t because of a memorable name. They’ve earned it through hard work and incredible entertainment.

Fast Interface with Minor Flaws

There’s something about that simply doesn’t work for me right from the start. Their interface is great, not that complicated, but neither is it simple. It’s like they’ve tossed a bunch of buttons around and thought how it’s going to work perfectly. So in essence, it’s not accessible, but at least it’s not an ugly site.

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However, the pics of models are horrendous, it’s like they’re loading in 240p quality, and then some less. A lot of them are blurry and the video previews are snappy as if they’re loading 10 frames per second. All I can hope is that they’ve lowered the quality for previews in order to make the load times faster for the whole site, and not that the shows themselves are that bad, but we’ll see more about that later on.

You can find the “Videos” section of this video chat website, where you’ll be able to see snippets of models during their live shows. It’s a great way of getting to know them, seeing their gestures, how they move or seduce the viewers, and best of all, they’re free. But don’t expect nudity out of those videos, they are simply promotional and nothing more.

Which, at its core, makes no sense because you’ll be able to see nudity in live chats a lot. If it was made in such a way that they show a kinky side of themselves, some action, even if it’s less than a minute long, would be far better. is confusing a lot of the time as if they’re trying to go in multiple directions and end up not perfecting anything. Could Do Better with Fetishes

Let’s talk about categories, as it’s been said a million times so far, they’re really important. Not only do they help you navigate through models, but when done correctly, you can find exactly what you need. has done it so tastefully, it’s really amazing how they were able to pull it off, letting you select multiple categories at once.

There are no additional load times, and best of all, you’ve got a lot of options. For instance, there are “Fetish Females”, with which you can combine the size of tits, hair color, or literally anything else. My only suggestion would be to expand on the fetishes because there are a lot of them, or at least have a tiny section for the type of dominance and such.

If you take a look, at, let’s say KinkLive or LiveJasmin, they have far more fetishes present, even some specific ones. A whole lot of users rely on those categories because let’s be honest, we all need some fetishes in our lives, and they’re the primary reason why we’re on live cams and not simply watching porn. has around 700 models in total, we’re talking female, male, trans, all of them together amount to that number. It might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t, if a cam site doesn’t have that number for female webcam category itself, then you don’t have a lot to choose from, and that’s where more popular cam sites like LiveJasmin do far, far better.

Private Shows on Lack Transparency

Every sex cam site’s value boils down to private shows, and that’s what we’re here for. Before we do land one, the live shows are a sign of times to come. Bear in mind that most models are European, so you won’t have a lot of dark-skinned ladies, Latinas, and Asians. But alas, I’ve made it my goal to test a few.

Here’s what I’ve found out. First, the quality of their cameras is not the best. On average more than half had subpar equipment. The good thing is, it’s not as bad as I’ve suspected earlier, the videos aren’t snappy, they’re just of lower quality. But even that can be ignored, of course, if the shows are great.

I’ve had to talk to them before going private, and the conversations were going fluidly, everything was fine, if they performed a fetish I’ve wanted, they would tell me, if not, then fine, I respect honesty, more than crappy shows. But the problem is, even those who have agreed to perform something were bad, they said yes just for the sake of doing it.

The worst thing is, the shows are, well, expensive. You can imagine how long it takes for setup, some teasing, and then all that to lead into a total let-down. Honestly, I’d rather stick to LiveJasmin which is more popular, where the models are better at their job and don’t mislead you, and the shows aren’t nearly as expensive.

Summary is a lackluster site, it does some things right, the load times are fast, the site is really slick, but then again it’s crowded with unnecessary data and buttons. Then we reach a point of no return, the private cam shows, and the models who don’t deliver what they promise. Of course, there are some more issues in-between, but the gist of it is that is not worth your time.

I would never want the readers to get left dry to hang, you still need a safe place, a better spot for your fetishes and kinks. LiveJasmin is that place, it’s a site that promises to deliver on all aspects and still treat you better than any competitor. There are more models, bigger diversity, and private live shows are actually what you’ve imagined them to be, sometimes even better.