Sex Cam Review 2022 Review

If every live webcam site had a soul, then we would be overwhelmed with choices, but it certainly isn’t the case. But can one of them with the name of SoulCams offer such fantastic experiences to users and make them stay indefinitely? That’s what this review is for, to check out yet another website and focus on its highs and lows to bring you an unbiased opinion.

We’ve been through a lot of adult chat sites over the years, and let me tell you something like a disclaimer – they’re usually worse than the name suggests. Could that be the case with this one? We’re going to research it step-by-step, and tell you what we’ve found out along the way.

Does Soulcams Have a Soul?

Visually I can’t really decide whether SoulCams is old, or new. It’s almost like it borrows some sections from other sites and has mashed it together into whatever this is. From the very first moment I would say that it truly has a soul, but whether it’s pretty or ugly is up to you to decide, I would go for the latter.

It doesn’t have any kind of preview of models except for their pics. For example, on other sites, you get at least some kind of video or slide of hottest pics, or even a preview of their live shows like on LiveJasmin by simply hovering with cursor over their webcam profile. And then the problem with filtering comes.

On SoulCams you’ll find that there are like 7 filters, and then what? There are no tags visible anywhere on the site, but they do exist. You just have to scroll all the way towards the footer of the page, and find it written amongst 30 other non-show related things in tiny letters “More tags”.

An average user will struggle to find it, even though there are a bunch of options, more than I can count. There is also some additional content besides the cams. You can find photos and videos that are up for purchase, and for some reason, most of them are at least a decade old, so they’re not really worth buying.

The Models On SoulCams

Let’s talk numbers, SoulCams has around 200 models performing on average, which is quite solid. Most of them look really great, alluring, but there are some flukes here and there, like girls who unfortunately don’t look anything like what you’d expect on a cam site. On top of that, the “Fetish” section of the website is not really flourishing.

It’s amongst the most important types of shows, and SoulCams at the time of writing this has 3 girls only. One of which is super hot, like fall in love with her hot, and the other two are… well… you get the point. You can see what languages they speak by the flags that are shown on their chats. Those who speak English are positioned at the top, they have a huge advantage.

However, you’d be lucky to find some 10 cam models that do speak it, you can find a few German models, and the rest are mostly Russian. When it comes to show diversity, it’s also not a fairy tale. Yes, there is a gay and trans part, but they’re laughable, containing only a few models there. Then the types of shows, oh boy, is it flat.

Most girls on SoulCams are doing masturbation and maybe toying shows, but that’s about it. Honestly, considering I’ve mentioned LiveJasmin already, I’m going to mention it again in the context of what a good cam site is supposed to look like. A lot of diversity, a massive selection of models, and a mind-boggling choice of private show types.

Private Shows on SoulCams and Their Pricing

I usually go by the logic of “If shows are good, everything is forgiven”, because that’s what really matters, how much fun you have. It depends on a few factors, and the first has to be camera quality. I’ve gone around, skipping from one live show to the other, and found out that there was in total, an incredible number of only 1 HD quality sex chat show.

In order to make the review successful, I’ve had to swallow that pill and randomly choose models to partake in private shows. Now bear in mind that I’ve had to choose the ones who speak English, so the selection pool is already at an all-time low. Honestly, a lot of them went ok, not that I was impressed, but they do get a passing grade for me.

Although it could be better, I’ve had major issues with their prices. They are insane, too expensive for what they have to offer, the same money could get me 10x the fun on another site. Not to mention that there is an option for tipping in live, and it’s equally pricey, going at a rate of more than $1.

SoulCams is hardly a contender with their models, they not only could be better but don’t hold a candle to serious sites like LiveJasmin. There’s a reason why it’s been the leading cam site for some 20 years now. They have what it takes, the hottest girls around, immersive private shows, unlike dying sites like SoulCams.


If you’re looking for a flawed site with a bunch of foreign models that struggle with English, then SoulCams is the place for you. But who are we kidding? Not a single soul in this world could actually be interested in dishing out their hard-earned money for “OK” shows when there are much better things out there for half the price.

If you want a cam site with a soul, then go to LiveJasmin, I’ve never been disappointed, not even close. From the moment you step there, the hot chicks are radiating beauty, willing to do whatever it takes to please you. Whatever kink or fetish you dabble in, rest assured that at least one of thousands of models will be able to please you, that’s what live webcam sites should be all about.