Webcam Site Review 2022 Webcam Site Review

You may have heard of adult cam websites with a similar name, but don’t let that fool you, KinkLive is a thing of its own. I’m sure the name itself could get them in trouble eventually, but that’s not the point of this review. We’re here to find out what KinkLive has to offer to its consumers, and whether or not you can rely on it for pleasure.

Most of the time, users correlate kinks with fetishes, which is the correct way of thinking, so we’re going on a hunt for the twisted pleasures many of us lie to dabble in. Can their models perform at the desired level? Are there even enough models you can go to a private show with? Let’s see in this detailed, step-by-step review.

KinkLive Could Be a Promising Cam Site!

The look of this site gives off the exact vibe you came here for. It’s kinky, edgy, colored in black and red that are a trademark of many mistresses, and it couldn’t look any better. Besides the female section, as is tradition there are also male and trans sides of the website, but they’re so small that it’s not even worth talking about.

Usually, on other established sites, those sections would be fairly well populated and worth visiting. It’s a minor letdown for some, but we’re going to fully focus on girls instead. You can count on their involvement through some additional content. They sometimes post videos and pictures that you can watch after purchasing.

They’re not really worth it, simply because the majority is old at this point, with only a few being from the past 2 years. All that is beyond the point of a cam site you’re here to find the girl you like, and the categories help you with the search. They are full of fetishes, which is nice to see, all you need to do is scroll through them and select one.

Additionally, there is a thing called “Kink Channel” which, for some reason, has 3-4 models highlighted only. This is an even greater mindfuck because it serves no purpose at all. A lot of the stuff around KinkLive seems like filler content, which is certainly not the case with the likes of

KinkLive’s Empty Promise of Fetishes

Despite having a lot of options for fetish shows, they are hardly ever populated. This is definitely the biggest let-down on KinkLive, a site that’s supposed to be built on kinks. You would be lucky to find a girl that’s truly a mistress, the one that knows what she’s doing, or even has whips, ballgags, and other fetish toys.

Not to mention that their outfit isn’t nearly applicable on fetish shows, so the dream of having a kinky pleasure site is long gone. Considering there are around 400 models online, you are pretty much visiting a “vanilla” cam site, boring, regular, with girls rubbing their slit or riding dildos without any excitement.

Honestly, now that I’ve mentioned LiveJasmin, it got me thinking, that site has far more fetish shows. Actually, it has some of the best fetish shows I’ve seen, and more fetish models, by a magnitude of the number. That’s a site that doesn’t even advertise itself as such and yet manages to pull kinks off to perfection.

Maybe KinkLive sounded promising, but it certainly has failed to deliver, which is a real shame because the site perfectly encapsulates the feel and look that users crave. However, we can’t judge it by that alone, there have to be some shows that reflect the name and intention behind a live chat site.

It’s Not Looking Good for KinkLive

Out of all 20 models who are tagged under “BDSM”, 5 of them look like they can pull off such shows, so I’ve turned my attention towards them, thinking they could be my saving grace. And boy was I wrong, not only are they average-looking, but the extent of their fetish shows lies in showing off feet and rubbing them.

That’s about as much as you can hope for, and it can’t even be called BDSM, it’s an insult. To add salt to the wound, the quality of cameras with these girls (and 90% of the site) isn’t even HD. But maybe that’s a good thing? At least you can’t see them properly because there’s nothing of essence to be seen.

To think that in 2022 we have to watch on, pardon my French, such shit quality, is definitely something I didn’t expect to happen, especially here. Generally, even the stuff they were performing wasn’t quite captivating, even though it’s not what I was looking for, I can still appreciate dedication and quality, but there’s none here.

As for myself, I’m better off using what is already established. LiveJasmin has been fantastic from day one, and believe me, I’ve got miles on that site. Their fetish section is full of models, who are, by the way, properly equipped for such shows, and better looking than models on any other cam site. When it’s time to show up, they overcome all expectations, and every next time you come, they have something new to offer, so definitely a better choice.


KinkLive could be big if they stood true to their name and offered what is written on the wall – kinks Unfortunately, from failed filtering options that have fetishes, but got hardly any model doing them, to actual shows that are so boring that you’d be trying not to fall asleep, this site is not even worth mentioning anymore.

That spot is reserved for better adult cam sites, and your attention as well. Trust my personal choice and go to LiveJasmin. Even going into a private fetish show there is an event. The models try to keep you engaged, and they most certainly manage to do it. You’ll be busting multiple nuts a night with ease, that’s unless you want to be released from a chastity lock, otherwise, expect some orgasm denial.