ExtasyCams.com Adult Cam Review 2022

ExtasyCams.com Adult Cam Review

If you’re looking for new adult cam sites, maybe you manage to find some, hell, maybe you even found Extasycams.com and want to know something more about it. More often than not such excursions on the lusty side of the internet end in major disappointments, other times, it ends up with dry pockets and wet eyes.

But once you make a mistake it’s already late, so it’s best to act ahead of time and inform yourself whether or not it’s worth taking a visit. That’s what this review is all about, and we’re not going to spare words, no matter how good or bad it gets throughout our visit at ExtasyCams.

ExtasyCams Gives Off a Horrible First Impression

With most cam sites the homepage is their anchor, and everything is built around it. It serves the same purpose on ExtasyCams, but I can tell you right off the bat that they’re missing a lot of things. For instance, there are no filters visible anywhere, maybe I find them later, but as of right now, they’re nowhere to be seen.

There is a tiny drop menu located at the top right corner, and it basically serves as navigation throughout the site. By navigation, I mean that you can jump to the homepage, log in, or contact, and that’s literally it. The rest of the page are models, their chats, which have no information other than their names.

ExtasyCams looks like an unfinished site, and it’s crippled by the lack of options. To me, or anyone who’s visiting for the first time, I can’t imagine it looks trustworthy, at the very best it might seem like a well-crafted scam. But the very fact that it’s a legit cam site makes me wonder why everything is the way it is.

But things change once you log in with an account, you get additional options, all of which are tied to your account. Thankfully, there are also categories, they miraculously show up to save the day. Overall, their interface is seriously lacking some basic options, all you need to do is take a look at other sites, like LiveJasmin.com, and you’ll see what it’s supposed to look like.

This Site Will Confuse You

Considering the filters have finally appeared, we can test out the types of shows they’ve got. The major one would be “Fetish”, which is actually the only one there is, the rest of the filters are for the types of models. In total there are 20 filters, and that number is hilariously low, to the point where they’re useless and serve no purpose.

Besides, there are also some bugs that appear if you deselect some categories. A lot of the time when you select them again in the checkbox, nothing appears, and you will have to reload the page to be able to get those models to show up. What’s really mind-boggling is the fact that some models label themselves as Asian or Hispanic, but don’t fit in those ethnic groups at all.

Considering you are forced into creating an account just to see those options, and yet get let down makes it worse. But the cherry on top is that you can’t even preview the models without purchasing tokens. Not even a couple of pics, or God forbid a live chat that doesn’t coerce you into spending money before you make your choice.

Once again I have to fall back to the comparison with normal sex webcam sites, and once again I’m going to use LiveJasmin. Their models don’t perform hard in live chats, they still rely on private to perform and earn money, but you can see what they look like for free. Hell, you can even message them at no charge to find out if they’re willing to perform what you need, which is a very important step of the process.

ExtasyCams Isn’t Worthy of a Dime of Your Money

So let’s get this straight, you HAVE to pay if you want to play, but they won’t even show you the toy. ExtasyCams also does this thing where they promise you 15 mins of a show for $2, which is obviously only for the first sign-up. It’s worded so that most people would think that it’s the norm throughout the site, but you have to read the fine print. And that’s a bonus, that you only get after spending 10 hours on private chats, which would cost you more than $200.

For the sake of finalizing the review, I’ve had to do it, and only then did I have access to models. Those “Fetish” shows don’t even exist, every model is tagged under that category, and none of them do fetishes. That isn’t even the only issue, the quality of their streams is horrendous, borderline unwatchable.

Private one-on-one shows simply don’t exist, and the models are so linear and boring that you’d want to fall asleep. ExtasyCams is a disaster, I don’t see how anyone on planet Earth could think that their business module is profitable. I can bet that 99% of the people who accidentally come here won’t spend a dime.

Even their support is bogus, instead of having a live sex chat with a person, you have to basically write an e-mail, and cross your fingers in the hope to get a response. It’s almost like they’re trying to make their site look like a scam. I don’t even need to remind you that there are other, far better options that give you for free what you’re paying for here.


It seems like ExtasyCams tries their hardest to not attract people. There is absolutely nothing good about their site, from a technical point it’s broken, there aren’t even enough models, and you can’t preview those who exist. It’s like you’re going to a concert, but can’t know who’s performing unless you purchase a ticket.

Just stick to trustworthy sites, go to LiveJasmin and save yourself the headache of visiting ExtasyCams. If you want a good, valuable camming experience, where you can preview webcam models who are better looking by a margin than the ones here, then visit LiveJasmin. You can thank me later, after you try their private shows, they will blow your socks off.