XCams.com Review 2022

XCams.com Review

Welcome to the XCams.com review where we’re going to find out the ins and outs of this new live sex site. It certainly does look promising, with a nice theme, visually appealing design, and a solid amount of models. But can the fact that they’re a lesser-known site mean that there is something hiding behind the curtains that isn’t that good?

Well, we’re here to find out, and we’re not going to just scratch the surface, but rather go above and beyond to see what it has to offer. Considering how tight the competition is, there is hardly any room for mistakes. Considering most popular websites have an adjusted price range that still manages to compete with smaller sites, and sometimes even outdoes them, something like LiveJasmin will serve as a comparable video chat site.

XCams Has a Very Slick Design

The very first thing you, me, and pretty much any user notices is the design. XCams has that factor solved, they are modern, rocking the purple color as a symbol of lust, and give the spotlight fully to their cam models. The site has some common filters highlighted right on the header bar to make it easier for visitors.

You can select the language they speak, the size of their tits, color of hair, body size, and age. On top of that, there are other options, but they are mostly reserved for the type of show or at least some of the vaguest options. The expanded filtering options do have some more choices, but they’re not all-encompassing.

Instead, you can find some additional things, but it’s about 30% more at best. What I really like about it is that you can cross-select more options, and it’s amongst the easiest and most responsive designs I have seen. However, most often you will get just a few results, and then the rest of the empty space would be filled with random models.

From what I’ve noticed, they’re the same girls who appear on the front page. There certainly could be more filtering options and even tags that models set themselves so some types of shows are easier to find. Maybe I’m just spoiled by LiveJasmin, but whenever I was searching for something there, I managed to find it, even if it’s the tiniest detail that excites me at the moment.

What Type of Models Can I Expect?

XCams has a surprisingly small number of models online, it’s not “garbage” bad, but more like “there could be more” bad. You can for certain count on 300 of them at all times, which fades in comparison with big players like LiveJasmin who manage to pull in thousands of models. This gives rise to other issues, like diversity.

Most of the models here are European, while Latinas, Asian, and ebony models are only a portion of the business. And you know how it goes around here, if you can’t find a model of certain ethnicity that looks a certain way, and does certain shows, there’s not much to be done, and why would you settle for mediocrity anyway?

There’s absolutely no reason to. Oh, and while we’re talking about types of shows, here is another problem, there isn’t enough. For instance, there are Men and Trans sections of the site, and they have single-digit performers online. On top of that, you’ve got the kinks and fetishes, for which XCams doesn’t have filters.

So imagine you want some foot fetishes, or something similar. Finding the model alone is a headache, not to mention going from one to the other and inquiring whether or not she wants to suck her own toes. You can already imagine the thought process that goes into doing such a thing, it’s exhausting and outright unnecessary.

Private Shows Are Not the Highlight of XCams

Let’s imagine you’ve found a model that you like, and everything lines up just perfectly. That’s what I’ve managed to do after a lot of time, searching, questioning, doing everything in my power to find “the one”. Now, the private shows are the ultimate goal, you want it to be as close to perfect as it can, at least the first time you visit a specific model.

On XCams I’ve somewhat had the luck to hang out with a couple of ladies who are great and love doing what I love doing, but the execution just didn’t feel good enough. It was almost as if they were performing everything just for the sake of performing it, without any interest, or effort to truly get me captivated.

Other times I’ve felt like they’ve more or less said “yes” so I would agree on a private show, and it quickly went downhill. Overall, you might have a good time, but don’t expect anything spectacular. When it comes to purchasing tokens and spending them, XCams can stand their own ground, they have multiple payment options, but the pricing could be lower.

I’m still going to stand by LiveJasmin and their live shows, considering the price is pretty much the same, and they have much more models, it’s a no-brainer. Also all models there are the most beautiful girls you have ever seen, however that statement might sound bold or overexaggerated, it’s true, all it takes is one look and you’ll be convinced.


XCams is overall a pretty solid site, design and functionality-wise, but there is much growing to do because they yet can’t offer the quality that others have. If there were more filters you can use, more HD cam shows, and competitive prices, then maybe, just maybe they could attract more users and be valuable to a broader audience.

Until that happens, you should go to LiveJasmin which is far better in every shape. They have models from all over the world, East to West, whatever exotic beauty from a specific corner of the earth you want to explore, it’s there. And let’s not forget private sex shows, they’re unparalleled, no one does it better than their fully dedicated female, male, and trans models.