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If you want to take a peek into the live porn shows before going private with a model, then this could be the site you need. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a revolutionary feature is building their brand on, a lot of other adult webcam sites have the same thing, and some do it to perfection. So, how will this site hold up?

We’re heading into the core of their website and certainly won’t disregard everything before it. A professional, user-oriented cam site needs to have the whole package. Maybe the biggest one at this moment would be LiveJasmin, it’s absolute perfection on all fronts, so we may use it as a point of reference throughout the review.

Peekshows Has an Admirably Sharp Design

Visually speaking, Peekshows is quite captivating, the site looks quite modern, with accessible features even for first-time users. It’s incredibly important that the consumers feel welcomed, and they have managed to grasp that feeling. Although, their branding is somewhat bad, especially when it comes to the logo.

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It’s just a bunch of purple-on-black letters with no stylization at all. All the great cam sites have some sort of memorable name or a logo that rings a bell wherever you see it. Besides that being an issue, the eye test concludes that everything is in perfect order. The categories are located on the left side, models are centered so you can focus on them, and there are other sorting options that you can filter by.

Thankfully, everything is quite responsive, there are no noticeable lags no matter where you click. When it comes to models, you can view some of their features without even watching the live shows. Most of them have an icon that represents things like tip-controlled vibrators, which is the most popular thing around here.

Although everything looks neat, I have to scold Peekshows for placing some ads towards other sites. They are neatly packaged into a “More” drop menu but have absolutely no connection to what they’re presenting on the site. I’ve never seen such things at serious cam sites, especially on LiveJasmin, they focus on offering you pleasure, not links to other sites as a form of additional revenue.

More Diversity on Peekshows Wouldn’t Hurt

There are about 400 cam models online here, give or take a few dozen based on the time of you tuning in. It’s a solid number, but I wouldn’t be against more, simply because I’m used to having thousands of girls, so the pool for types of shows they’re performing is a lot bigger. It’s noticeable through categories, where some are seriously underrepresented.

For instance, BDSM shows, fetishes, and kinks are a big reason for a user to stick around, or even join a cam site. A total of 30 models could do such shows, but that’s if we’re taking specific fetishes into consideration and then adding them all together. Foot fetish and roleplay shows amount to 20 of those, and that’s the most casual type of shows you can get on any cam site.

Mentions of something like bondage, JOI, and similar stuff are nowhere to be found. American, Arabian, and Asian girls are a few and far in between over here. Most of the girls are either Latinas, or white Euro chicks, and don’t let me get started on ebony babes, they’re a real rarity around here.

I really don’t like that the definitive majority of models have to fall into the bracket of skinny, somewhat athletic girls. They end up looking like each other, and that’s simply unappealing. Just take a look at LiveJasmin, the diversity they have is apparent, and you’ve got way more fetishes to choose from, with more girls performing each and every one of them.

Private Shows Are Boring

It’s hard to find a perfect girl on Peekshows if you’re looking for anything other than the “norm”. There is a certain look they’re going for here, but let’s pretend that you’re fine with it, the next step is to check out their live performances and weigh out their value. Are their shows on this live cam website worth it? That depends on how alluring the girl is, but that’s just the first step.

Next, you have to contact her through chat and figure out whether or not she’s going to do what you want. I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of having to wait for too long if some didn’t feel like replying. That usually happens if they see right off the bat that I’m asking for something they don’t do, so they don’t bother replying.

Even that is a problem that can be solved, but private chats? That’s a whole other beast, and considering the bad quality of their equipment, it’s a beast that’s going to swallow this site. There simply isn’t enough quality control going around to account for their insane prices. Yes, these girls will charge you astronomical rates for mediocre shows.

It’s no wonder so many are flocking to LiveJasmin which is the best adult cam site reviewed on as their proven source of cam site entertainment. The professionalism there is on a whole other level than that of Peekshows. And not to mention the prices, your pocket won’t suffer because you’ve been on a hot private show, which is what should happen on all live sex sites.


The goal of Peekshows is to attract as many users as they can, but they fail at retaining them. Even though it looks neat, even on an admirable level, but the experience of their shows soils the picture. There aren’t enough choices, not enough models who actually care about their performances, and even the customer support is unresponsive, so you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth (especially if you spent money here).

In order to bypass all the negligence and downfalls of, you should turn your attention towards It’s the perfect site, the models are stunning, dedicated to their crafts, and you’ve got more choices all around. Private shows are the absolute highlight on LiveJasmin, and they will leave you speechless, so make sure to check it out.