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Let’s get started on another review of a promising cam site. Camfuze is a somewhat newer site that contains a lot of content, as in, heaps of sexy models. It’s mostly populated by girls, while the male and trans section is less populated, which is the standard with most cam sites that offer mixed categories.

It reminds me the most of LiveJasmin, it’s a site I’m familiar with, and as a long-time user, I’m going to use it for comparison. There are some differences for sure, which is why we’re going to take a look at Camfuze from all sides, inside and out, and see if it can stand its own ground or even possibly outperform the competition.

A User Friendly Camsite with Minor Issues

The user interface on Camfuze is quite modern, and even contains some features that aren’t so candidly included on other webcam sites that we add on MyBestSexCamSites. For instance, you have icons on model windows that show you whether or not they have tip-controlled vibrators, the quality of their camera, and even a link to their Instagram profile.

It’s definitely a nice way to build a connection with a model on the regular, or even follow her to know when she’s streaming. There are quick tags you can access, and as is the tradition they’re the most popular ones on the site, although you can see others as well. This feature isn’t revolutionary at all, and it has a few flaws.

Models can misspell their tags, but also you can only select one tag to filter through models. LiveJasmin, however, has a system in place that allows you to cross-select multiple categories at once, so it’s easier to pinpoint your search. But there is also a bigger issue that is all over you right from the start.

Ads, they are so annoying, and there is a whole lot of them. You get pop-up ads that try to lure you to create an account, with a “skip” button hidden, and it also overlaps with the portion of a pop-up ad that’s similar in color. Besides that, you also get constant “chat” ads, “bonus tokens” ads, and random little ads all over the website, all of which are definitely a problem.

Massive Number of Models

I really like having a lot of options to choose from, and that’s pretty much the case with all users of cam sites. Camfuze certainly has a lot of models, going up to 2000, or even more, which is a lot. But, numbers don’t tell the whole story, the major importance lies in how different those models are from each other.

From what I’ve seen, most of them are eastern-European, with the majority being from Russia. While there is some diversity between them, it’s certainly not enough. One more issue about these cam girls is that they fail to speak proper English. No one expects them to be fluent, but usually, it’s hard to even understand them.

This is one more reason why LiveJasmin beats this live sex site, the models there indeed speak great English, which has to do with the way they’re selected. Mind you, LiveJasmin hand-picks their models, and they have to meet certain standards in regard to languages, their equipment, and other rules that serve to please their customers.

The lack of different ethnicities on Camfuze lowers your chances to find solid performers, but not only that, but there is also a difference in the mindset. It translates into types of shows, where you’re hardly ever going to find kinky shows, especially fetishes. Be it a foot fetish, JOI, or something rougher, I’ve never had issues getting them on LiveJasmin, and here, it’s quite the opposite.

Camfuze Could Be Way Better!

When it comes to cam shows, well, buckle up, because it’s a bumpy ride. We have already mentioned the language barrier, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to go into private shows and not be able to explain to a hot blue-eyed hottie what you want her to do. Google translate is your friend, but if that’s the case, where’s the fun?

As long as you keep copying and pasting, translating, and wasting time, it’s not going to be a lot of fun for you because the action is chopped up. But what you can do is go for live shows and tip a model so she could do something you wish. It’s the path of least resistance, so don’t expect it to be bombastic, or even satisfactory.

See, live shows are more of a gimmick that makes you actually spend far more money than you usually would. And to imagine that the sweet parts of the show are 30 mins away because the model didn’t reach her “goal” is so boring. On top of that, a lot of these girls end up being unpleasant because all they care about is how to extract money from you, and what they offer doesn’t show any gratitude.

I still can’t see how a site like this can ever come even close to LiveJasmin, I mean, the lack of ads alone is worth it more. Not to mention that their focus is mostly on private shows, and those are total bangers. If you want to have your feet worshipped, you can bet they will be, or you want to see some anal? Deal and deal, and the model is pleasant about it all the way through.


Camfuze has a lot of growing up to do, especially in the marketing aspect. The more ads a sex webcam site has, the less trustworthy it is, and if you were here the first time, the way this site’s ads are set up makes you want to leave instantly. Even the models, despite there being so much, are a total let-down compared to what I was expecting from such a modern-looking site.

There certainly are some good points, but I would rather take LiveJasmin where I know for sure that everything is going to work without hiccups. The models are welcoming, the site has a special, erotic feel to it, and it’s just a matter of time before you end up busting some fat nuts while the girl opposite you is going through a full-body orgasm. Cam Site Review 2022 Cam Site Review 2022

In the age of competition and fights for supremacy in the sex webcam site world, stands as one of the old-timers, but where on the ladder does it really stand? There are a lot of things that are wrong with this site, and most of them are due to the inability to adapt. That’s where the major problems stem here, but we’re going to dissect them one by one.

Considering that the emphasis is on free live shows which revolve around tipping, the competition couldn’t be any bigger. Chaturbate is the alpha in that niche, which is a lot to go against. How will MyFreeCams fare against it? That’s the biggest question of all, and we’re going to provide you with an answer.

MyFreeCams Could Use a Redesign

For some reason, this site has chosen a green overlay and even some beach/palm tree motifs that are simply horrendous looking. Although it’s hardly the only visually unappealing thing here, the very site, at its core is old. It hasn’t been updated in at least a decade, so it looks like an ancient message board.

The only difference is, you have pics of hot chicks, although they are tiny and it’s hard to notice anything about them unless you’re observing with a magnifying glass. Also, the font of their names is custom, so each model has a different one selected, and it gives off an even cheaper vibe than usually, which is hard to imagine is even possible, but it is.

One of the, if not the only good thing about it is that you’ve got a “Dark Theme”, so it’s at least somewhat easier on the eyes. Then you’ve got tags, which are the default filtering method, but in order to find that button, you have to search around the site for some time. It’s located in the right sidebar, simply written “tags” next to a bunch of other random stuff.

You will really have a hard time finding something you like here, and that should have been the primary concern. In return it truly does seem like the whole site isn’t even real, when you take everything into account, it might as well be a scam, which it definitely isn’t, but the first impression gives off that vibe.

This Site Needs More Options

There are a lot of live models here, that’s one of the good things with MyFreeCams just like with the, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. Mind you, it’s primarily a girl cam show-oriented site, so there are no male or tranny models around here. There are no couples, which is a major letdown because it’s such a missed opportunity to make the site livelier.

For instance, Chaturbate thrives on couples, be it gay, straight, bi, or even gangbangs. You can watch them, guide them on what to do, to the point where you’re feeling like directing your own porn. Here on MyFreeCams, you are losing that kind of value, and primarily on the diversity of shows.

That diversity is especially felt with models, one would think that they at least could offer various ethnicities and body types with their girls, but that’s not the case. The vast majority are generic 20-something white girls, thin waist, round booties, and a handful of tits. Sure, they look great, but it’s not the only thing viewers want.

Where are those ebony, Latina, or Asian babes? Where are MILFs, BBWs, bigger girls? Where are muscular chicks, pregnant babes? Where are all those fetish performers? Oh, that’s right, on Chaturbate and other top websites we list on That’s where you’ll find anything you want to watch, and it truly is like that, anything you can think of is here.

Are Live Shows Good On MyFreeCams?

The dominance of live cam shows revolves around one thing only – the model’s ability to entertain. You have to be engaged with her at all times, she has to tease, get you excited, and follow orders when you tip. I’ve found that girls on MyFreeCams have a serious issue with being boring, plain and simple. 

If you tip, they might take a lot of time to actually perform what you demand of them, and at times they hardly do anything to get the ball rolling. It’s almost as if you’re here to make it fun for her, and I can’t stress enough how annoying it is. They are all professionals, or at least they claim to be, but I’ve seen some amateurs with 10 viewers pulling better shows on Chaturbate.

That’s a boner killer if I’ve ever seen one, and camming isn’t supposed to be like that. And then there is an anonymity issue because you have to pay with something. Here you don’t have options like PayPal and Bitcoin included, so you’re stuck with old ways of paying for adult entertainment which sometimes can get invasive.

Let’s face it, Chaturbate isn’t exactly a state-of-the-art website when it comes to visuals or the design, but it’s more than enough for what it offers. Everything is clearly visible, models are the sole focus of the website, and it’s user-friendly to the max, unlike MyFreeCams, which is quite honestly laughable.

Summary is a total disaster of a webcam website, it’s so bad that I’m wondering how they even have so many models performing at the time. From bad design, to even worse live shows, and an alarming lack of diversity, there is nothing to be seen around here. It may still stand, but there’s no doubt that if things don’t change, it will slowly wither away and be forgotten.

At least you will always have Chaturbate, a cam site that’s still the best spot for free live camming. It has more than 3000 models, which is huge, and they are as diverse as they come. If you want couples doing bondage, or you want solo action with toys, roleplay, and much more, Chaturbate is without a doubt all you will ever need. Review 2022 Review

With such a generic-sounding name, you would think that is already an established webcam site, but it really isn’t. It’s a fairly young website that has somehow slipped through the cracks and found its way towards us, so let’s really see what it has to offer. Of course, as it goes nowadays, we need something to compare it to.

In this case, I am going to use LiveJasmin, simply because it’s been my station for all live sex things, so I know whether or not another site is worth my, or anyone else’s time. It certainly isn’t easy to get matched with such a household name, but you either got it, or you don’t, there’s no in-between.

PornCams Is Looking Like a Promising Cam Site

I’d like to take a moment and appreciate the design of, it’s certainly a fine-looking site. Everything fits nicely together to create a welcoming experience for the user. But one thing I have an issue with is that they’re using Pornhub’s logo as their base, with “hub” being replaced by “cams”.

Maybe they’ve thought it gives them more flexibility and will attract a bigger user base, but judging by their traffic it’s hardly the case. Despite that, the site feels and functions well, there are no lags, or unnecessary load times, which is on par with LiveJasmin. What I didn’t like, is the fact that the models are poorly presented.

It’s quite vague and could be done better if they put some effort into it, but I guess there’s always time to correct your mistakes. That is, if they intend on changing such things, which they should. The filtering system in place is quite awesome, I, and pretty much all users, love having our choices spread out.

You can choose multiple categories, even the type of show (party, phone, etc.), and find exactly what you desire. Although there could definitely be a bit more choices for my taste, but all things considered what I’ve seen so far, the way it works is just fine. 

Is It Downhill from Here?

Despite fairly nice first impressions, there are some issues that arise with the cam models. Sure, there is a lot of them, they are from all over the world, but the way they look is hardly appealing. That’s not the case for all, you can certainly find a few hidden gems here and there, but the overall consensus is that they could be prettier.

Of course, I’m used to LiveJasmin, where each and every girl is looking like she could be on the cover of Vogue. But that’s what you get when models are hand-picked, and go through a selection process. It seems to me like here on PornCams, they grabbed whatever they could get their hands on, so there’s a lot of room for improvement there.

A lot of people like fetish shows, and it’s nothing to hide, each one of us has that BDSM request that gets us fired up. However, amongst all those models, you can maybe find 10-15 who are doing fetishes. And even then, not all of them are good-looking, well, unless you count below-average girls as a fetish, then it’s all good.

Also, I have noticed a few errors here and there. When you select a certain fetish, if there are no girls in that category, you would get something entirely else. For instance, when I went for “Feet”, all I’ve got was “Booty”, and it’s not even that easy to spot, so you have to look at the link to find out where you’ve actually landed.

PornCams Is Still Not Worth It

The private shows are the bread and butter of both models and us who are watching them, that’s where all the filth is going on. But before you reach there, a selection process has to come before, and that’s what live performances are for. They don’t have to be explicit, and usually aren’t, but they have to inspire some sort of emotion in you, or in your little friend.

PornCams models fail to deliver in that aspect, first and foremost they seem kind of boring like on the Cam4ultimate which we reviewed some time ago. Even if you go above that hurdle, you have to ask them in direct messages what they’re willing to do for you. Almost all of them I’ve contacted took way too long to respond, minutes, and they mostly gave generic one-word answers.

That certainly put me off, but whatever, maybe they’re better in private sex shows? Well, wrong, in private it’s even worse. It’s like someone is forcing them to do things, if you ask if they’re willing to play with themselves, then it’s fine, but the moment you make another demand it all goes downhill.

They either ignore you, and try to prolong the teasing, or they try to sway you their way, which definitely doesn’t work. Honestly, I’ve seen more than enough to know that LiveJasmin is still the one and only site I need for private shows because I’ve never been let down there, or had to experience such negligence from a model.


Even though looked good at first, it went from bad to worse towards the end. Maybe it looks cool and functions properly, but the models make the cam site simply not worth it, and they should be the focal point. It’s going to make some change in the way they hire models, and some rules have to be set in order to really have something to offer.

It’s not even that hard, just look at LiveJasmin, they have the interface, they have the functionality, but the main thing is their models. Even if the site looked worse, it would still have an insane following. I’ll rather go with a live private show and get pleased properly no matter which model I choose, that’s what dedication and experience from LiveJasmin has for their customers. Cam Site Review 2022 Cam Site Review 2022

If you’re looking for intense, action-filled cam shows, the word “smut” would definitely fit that category. In order to actually fill your desires, would need to be something else, above all other sites. Those are some big shoes to fill, especially when you’ve got as one of the leading cam sites in that category.

So how does this one hold in comparison? We’re going to take a look at everything, from user experience, design, to models and shows. Everything is taken into consideration, even the tiniest details, so let’s start with Smutcam review, and see what it has to offer.

Smutcam Has a Serious Pop-Up Ad Issue

The homepage of this sex webcam site doesn’t look promising, it’s definitely outdated, and makes it seem like you’re in a time machine visiting the early 2000’s. Despite that, you can see the numbers and they indeed make the site look promising, thousands of models are online, and the show never seems to stop.

However, you’re riddled with ads and pop-ups. It’s not a good look at all, first, you’re hassled to register an account, with an ad that is harder to skip each next time it gets blasted in your face. For someone who’s only visiting for the first time, it might be repulsive, to the point where you’d leave the site for good.

A ton of ads are usually linked to scam sites, and despite not being one, I can see why a lot of users leave fairly quickly and settle for something else. And then you’ve got some of those fake chat windows. Basically, you’d be chatting with a bot, and the whole point is to make you buy on-site currency.

On top of that, the right-hand side of Smutcam is filled with other ads for multiple other live chat websites that we have reviewed on our MyBestSexCamSites, and some of them are possibly even scams themselves. What you’re looking at here, is a poorly thought out model of a cam site that’s hardly even worth exploring further, but maybe there’s something worthwhile beneath all of that.

How Smut Is Smutcam?

When it comes to models, as mentioned already, you have a lot of choices. Still, even amongst so many of them, the prevalent location these models come from is either Russia or Colombia. If you want some Asian, ebony, American, or Western European chicks, then tough like you won’t find them.

Searching for the right model is like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially because browsing is done through tags. These girls and guys set them up themselves, and wouldn’t you know it, sometimes they misspell things because English is not their primary language, or they just suck at it.

To make matters worse, you can only select one filter at a time, and that makes your search even harder. No matter what you select, it takes a lot of scrolling to get through all the average cammers to reach the ones who are right up your alley. That’s part of the reason why LiveJasmin is my preferred cam site.

You can cross-select multiple categories, to find exactly what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that they also have a bunch of models, especially girls. And there are also a lot more kinks and fetishes performed compared to Smutcam, where you’ll mostly find casual shows, despite the name suggesting something totally different.

This Site Is Not Worth It!

Entertainment on Smutcam has a focus on live webcam shows, which is both good and bad at the same time. The good side is, you can enjoy some action without paying a penny. The bad side is, the models themselves are incentivized by such a system in place to drag out the shows, so there’s action in scarcity.

Other than that, if you want something to happen, you need to tip, especially if you’ve got a specific thing in mind. And although it might seem like a great thing because multiple fans tip at the same time, the average you pay for such shows goes way up, it racks up over time to insane amounts of money.

And when it comes down to actually enjoying the shows, you need top talent, the prettiest chicks that are offered, which Smutcam seems to lack. I could scroll through LiveJasmin’s model selection for days, and it would be hard to find one that’s average-looking, they’re all dazzling, almost making you fall in love at first sight.

The best live cam action happens in private chats, there is no question about it. Smutcam sure has some models that do them, but we’re talking the bottom of the pack, those who don’t get many tips. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine the type of shows you would be getting, despite the price insinuating something entirely else.

Summary is an archaic sex cam site, it’s not looking good at all, and it has a serious issue with ads of all kinds. With bad cam quality, with monotonous models and unimaginative shows, it’s hard to point out one good thing it has. Even enormous numbers of models don’t help its case when stumbling upon super-hot babes that amaze you with their performance is a pure chance of luck.

That’s more than enough reasons to stick with LiveJasmin, at least in my case, and I would advise everyone reading this to do the same. Nothing can topple their models, slick user experience from start to finish, competitive prices, and orgasm-inducing private shows. If you’re looking for something reliable, it doesn’t get better than a 20-year old leader in the industry that is LiveJasmin. Cam Review 2022 Cam Review 2022

It’s not a surprise that a lot of us are looking for cam sites that offer free shows, it’s a way to test things out before paying, simply dipping your toes in the water before going for a full swim. is one of those sites that make a huge promise of an abundance of free shows, but is it able to meet those promises?

We’re here to find that out, especially since the competition is tough, and there are a lot of live sex sites out there that have proven their worth. Whether or not this site is going to hold their own against those is to be seen, especially when we take the likes of LiveJasmin into consideration and their massive catalog of free shows.

Cams4free Looks Better Than It Functions

There’s no doubt about it, Cams4free looks like a well-made site, at least that’s what it looks like. The black and orange theme compliments the sexy models that are displayed on the page, and it looks quite appealing. Surely with a site like that, you can’t go wrong, right? Well, I wouldn’t bet on it just yet.

While it indeed does look slick, the way it functions is anything but. You might have some long load times, the site is simply poorly optimized, and no matter how strong of a device you have, you’re bound to get frustrated. Be it filtering, where you pick girls, especially if you’re going for multiple at once, or watching the shows, you will have to wait.

It really pains me that there is no feature whatsoever that plays what’s going on in the live webcam show when you hover the cursor over a model like there is on LiveJasmin. They haven’t even bothered to include a sort of slide-show of the model’s best pictures, or something similar that would give you more insight into what she’s like.

An average user doesn’t want to waste time, and this site really tries hard to make you stay as long as possible. Personally, I think it’s counter-productive because you end up leaving the site considering there are so many issues that arise the more you’re on Cams4free.

Cams4free Gets Boring Real Fast

When it comes to wasting your time, there are even more problems. This sex cam site has a whole bunch of models, as in, 1000+ at times. We all have our preferences, so choosing the one you want is imperative. Well, good luck, because you’ve got the blandest options to choose from and will likely have to do some manual work.

Going forward, you might notice that finding actual, fun, and engaging free live shows is close to impossible. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember one time that I’ve struck gold here. It’s all been vanilla shows with some light touching over panties or a bra, as you’ll find is the case on pretty much any cam site.

Despite calling themselves Cams4free, there is no content here that’s worthy of that name. Especially when we take into consideration how similar the shows are, I must have gone through hundreds of them, and they’re all boring like I’m watching one person time and time again.

On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be a filter or any kind of standard to what kind of girls are hired. Just take a look at LiveJasmin, the chicks over there are so hot that you’ll fall in love with them, there are no two ways about it. And here, you have to settle with a sea of average girls that certainly won’t amaze you the moment you look at them.

Cams4free, Free or Fake?

For the sake of research, I’ve also tried out a few private shows because some girls did manage to grab my attention. We’re talking about 3 of them, who didn’t have bad quality of video, which seems to be quite common around here. The others might be interesting, but I felt like watching a slideshow instead of a live cam show, so they were a hard pass.

Those lucky ones who were picked, are pretty much as boring as they look. They were trying to make the show as long as it can be by teasing me. Sometimes even ignored my demands because they didn’t feel like following someone’s advice, and honestly, it all looked like a massive cash grab.

It just goes to show that free shows do matter, they are a window in what you can get in private, so it really matters. For instance, even though I’m a regular on LiveJasmin, and I’m a regular at some of the models there, I still check their live performances from time to time before I really put my finger on one.

Sometimes they don’t feel like doing certain things, and that’s fine, there are other girls who do. The point being, LiveJasmin in total has a lot more free live shows, and they actually contain some action. If a model is interactive in live, you can’t even imagine how badass their private shows are, and that’s something Cams4free can’t replicate.


Even though Cams4free looks like a promising live cam site, but it fails to deliver content that is in line with the visuals. Models are kind of boring, there is a real lack of diversity, as in, most of them are from Eastern Europe or South America, and they aren’t that competitive. Not to mention that the free shows are a total let-down.

But as it goes with cam sites, there is always a better location, and in this case, it would be LiveJasmin. Do you want actual, fun, breathtaking free sex shows? That’s what your destination should be. Full HD quality all around, flawless, beautiful models wherever you look, and a massive choice of various kinks and fetishes, there’s a reason why everyone loves it. Review 2022 Cam Site Review

The world of BDSM and live cams is without a doubt one of the most alluring corners of the internet for all fetish lovers. seems to be one of the few select webcam sites that offer such entertainment, or at least they aspire to reach the top. However, it takes a lot more than just having a site to succeed.

Quality of models themselves, their live sex shows, and the price they charge all play a very important role. So, we’re here to see what Bdsmcams has to offer, and does it manage to sate all our desires. At first, it doesn’t seem like much, but a review is not a review unless we go in-depth.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

The first impressions are somewhat mixed, this site seems like it’s fully dedicated towards BDSM, and the models fit nicely with the theme, but it all looks somewhat cheap. The design itself is a bit old and seems like it could have been made 10 years ago. Compared to today’s standards, it could use a touch-up.

You can also see on each model’s chat window whether they’re a professional dominatrix or a submissive. Although, not all of them have it written for you to see, and some simply have “model” as a title, meaning, they probably aren’t that much into BDSM. This could be an issue since they don’t fit with the supposed vibe of the cam site.

Also right next to their profession, you can see whether they’re in a private show, or “free”. The fact that there’s “free” written, doesn’t mean that you can watch them without paying. It’s simply a trick to attract people to stick around, watch their live shows, so they would maybe purchase tokens.

It’s a bit shady tactic, especially because the majority of people already know if they’re going to spend money here or not. And not to mention, the free, live shows, have almost no nudity involved, which is the standard on most sites as you will find out on the However, here, they are trying to pull people in by vaguely suggesting they will get something for free.

Bdsmcams Doesn’t Have Enough Models

When it comes to models themselves, there is some diversity. They perform various fetishes, from fisting, electro-stimulation, anal training, and much more. The problem is, there are not enough models around to perform all of them. You can expect somewhere around 50 models tops at all times.

That kind of number is unacceptable if you want to run a big, successful fetish cam site. Take LiveJasmin for instance, there is a reason why the vast majority of fetish enjoyers head there. Besides jaw-dropping looks these sexy models have blessed us with, there are thousands upon thousands you can choose from.

Maybe it’s not so fair to compare Bdsmcams to LiveJasmin, but if you, as a user could choose, you would always choose the best time you can get for your money. But let’s pretend those numbers aren’t an issue, we’ve still got a lot of ground to cover with Bdsmcams, for instance, the quality of those streams.

See, LiveJasmin has an HD standard, that’s the bare minimum for anyone watching to have quality entertainment that doesn’t strain their eyes. However, Bdsmcams doesn’t do that, instead, the models stream with whatever they have, and it usually isn’t HD. They aren’t even trying to uphold a standard that’s going to benefit both them and the model, which is quite sad.

Are Private Shows Worth It On Bdsmcams?

It wouldn’t be a fair comparison if we haven’t tried out live private shows on Bdsmcams. Here’s the thing, they are quite expensive, or at least, priced way above their quality range. And even that wouldn’t be an issue because the models really do try their best to entertain you, there’s no doubt about it.

But this site somehow seems to sabotage you every step of the way. I’ve had horrendous problems with the streams, instead of being fluid, with no stoppage times at all, or buffering, it all happened randomly. Sometimes I’d miss half a minute of a show, which, you’ve guessed it, was all paid for.

Essentially on a few occasions, I was wasting money, and it definitely made me cool off. The frustration gets in the way, and you end up giving up from using this site and want to get your money back. And that is a whole other process, you have to jump through hoops and ladders to get reimbursed.

Honestly, this whole experience made me appreciate LiveJasmin. It’s a lot simpler to just enter a site, type a fetish you’re interested in and find one of many models that has got your attention. When it’s time to get dirty, you can see every pore on their skin, every wrinkle of latex on their skin, and every second you pay for is worth your money.

Summary doesn’t deserve to be called a tier 2 sex cam site, let alone a tier 1. Besides a few quality models and some features on their interface, there’s nothing else they can offer you. Not only that, but what they do have is so bad that you’re better off not spending a second of your time or a fraction of your dime.

If you really want a BDSM live cam show, then go to where you and your money will be appreciated. The models here are happy to be your mistresses or slaves, and they do it like no one else does, with so much dedication. There’s a reason LiveJasmin is where it is, at the very top of the fetish ladder, and it’s not moving an inch away.