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Let’s get started on another review of a promising cam site. Camfuze is a somewhat newer site that contains a lot of content, as in, heaps of sexy models. It’s mostly populated by girls, while the male and trans section is less populated, which is the standard with most cam sites that offer mixed categories.

It reminds me the most of LiveJasmin, it’s a site I’m familiar with, and as a long-time user, I’m going to use it for comparison. There are some differences for sure, which is why we’re going to take a look at Camfuze from all sides, inside and out, and see if it can stand its own ground or even possibly outperform the competition.

A User Friendly Camsite with Minor Issues

The user interface on Camfuze is quite modern, and even contains some features that aren’t so candidly included on other webcam sites that we add on MyBestSexCamSites. For instance, you have icons on model windows that show you whether or not they have tip-controlled vibrators, the quality of their camera, and even a link to their Instagram profile.

It’s definitely a nice way to build a connection with a model on the regular, or even follow her to know when she’s streaming. There are quick tags you can access, and as is the tradition they’re the most popular ones on the site, although you can see others as well. This feature isn’t revolutionary at all, and it has a few flaws.

Models can misspell their tags, but also you can only select one tag to filter through models. LiveJasmin, however, has a system in place that allows you to cross-select multiple categories at once, so it’s easier to pinpoint your search. But there is also a bigger issue that is all over you right from the start.

Ads, they are so annoying, and there is a whole lot of them. You get pop-up ads that try to lure you to create an account, with a “skip” button hidden, and it also overlaps with the portion of a pop-up ad that’s similar in color. Besides that, you also get constant “chat” ads, “bonus tokens” ads, and random little ads all over the website, all of which are definitely a problem.

Massive Number of Models

I really like having a lot of options to choose from, and that’s pretty much the case with all users of cam sites. Camfuze certainly has a lot of models, going up to 2000, or even more, which is a lot. But, numbers don’t tell the whole story, the major importance lies in how different those models are from each other.

From what I’ve seen, most of them are eastern-European, with the majority being from Russia. While there is some diversity between them, it’s certainly not enough. One more issue about these cam girls is that they fail to speak proper English. No one expects them to be fluent, but usually, it’s hard to even understand them.

This is one more reason why LiveJasmin beats this live sex site, the models there indeed speak great English, which has to do with the way they’re selected. Mind you, LiveJasmin hand-picks their models, and they have to meet certain standards in regard to languages, their equipment, and other rules that serve to please their customers.

The lack of different ethnicities on Camfuze lowers your chances to find solid performers, but not only that, but there is also a difference in the mindset. It translates into types of shows, where you’re hardly ever going to find kinky shows, especially fetishes. Be it a foot fetish, JOI, or something rougher, I’ve never had issues getting them on LiveJasmin, and here, it’s quite the opposite.

Camfuze Could Be Way Better!

When it comes to cam shows, well, buckle up, because it’s a bumpy ride. We have already mentioned the language barrier, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to go into private shows and not be able to explain to a hot blue-eyed hottie what you want her to do. Google translate is your friend, but if that’s the case, where’s the fun?

As long as you keep copying and pasting, translating, and wasting time, it’s not going to be a lot of fun for you because the action is chopped up. But what you can do is go for live shows and tip a model so she could do something you wish. It’s the path of least resistance, so don’t expect it to be bombastic, or even satisfactory.

See, live shows are more of a gimmick that makes you actually spend far more money than you usually would. And to imagine that the sweet parts of the show are 30 mins away because the model didn’t reach her “goal” is so boring. On top of that, a lot of these girls end up being unpleasant because all they care about is how to extract money from you, and what they offer doesn’t show any gratitude.

I still can’t see how a site like this can ever come even close to LiveJasmin, I mean, the lack of ads alone is worth it more. Not to mention that their focus is mostly on private shows, and those are total bangers. If you want to have your feet worshipped, you can bet they will be, or you want to see some anal? Deal and deal, and the model is pleasant about it all the way through.


Camfuze has a lot of growing up to do, especially in the marketing aspect. The more ads a sex webcam site has, the less trustworthy it is, and if you were here the first time, the way this site’s ads are set up makes you want to leave instantly. Even the models, despite there being so much, are a total let-down compared to what I was expecting from such a modern-looking site.

There certainly are some good points, but I would rather take LiveJasmin where I know for sure that everything is going to work without hiccups. The models are welcoming, the site has a special, erotic feel to it, and it’s just a matter of time before you end up busting some fat nuts while the girl opposite you is going through a full-body orgasm.