Cam Site Review 2022 Cam Site Review 2022

In the age of competition and fights for supremacy in the sex webcam site world, stands as one of the old-timers, but where on the ladder does it really stand? There are a lot of things that are wrong with this site, and most of them are due to the inability to adapt. That’s where the major problems stem here, but we’re going to dissect them one by one.

Considering that the emphasis is on free live shows which revolve around tipping, the competition couldn’t be any bigger. Chaturbate is the alpha in that niche, which is a lot to go against. How will MyFreeCams fare against it? That’s the biggest question of all, and we’re going to provide you with an answer.

MyFreeCams Could Use a Redesign

For some reason, this site has chosen a green overlay and even some beach/palm tree motifs that are simply horrendous looking. Although it’s hardly the only visually unappealing thing here, the very site, at its core is old. It hasn’t been updated in at least a decade, so it looks like an ancient message board.

The only difference is, you have pics of hot chicks, although they are tiny and it’s hard to notice anything about them unless you’re observing with a magnifying glass. Also, the font of their names is custom, so each model has a different one selected, and it gives off an even cheaper vibe than usually, which is hard to imagine is even possible, but it is.

One of the, if not the only good thing about it is that you’ve got a “Dark Theme”, so it’s at least somewhat easier on the eyes. Then you’ve got tags, which are the default filtering method, but in order to find that button, you have to search around the site for some time. It’s located in the right sidebar, simply written “tags” next to a bunch of other random stuff.

You will really have a hard time finding something you like here, and that should have been the primary concern. In return it truly does seem like the whole site isn’t even real, when you take everything into account, it might as well be a scam, which it definitely isn’t, but the first impression gives off that vibe.

This Site Needs More Options

There are a lot of live models here, that’s one of the good things with MyFreeCams just like with the, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. Mind you, it’s primarily a girl cam show-oriented site, so there are no male or tranny models around here. There are no couples, which is a major letdown because it’s such a missed opportunity to make the site livelier.

For instance, Chaturbate thrives on couples, be it gay, straight, bi, or even gangbangs. You can watch them, guide them on what to do, to the point where you’re feeling like directing your own porn. Here on MyFreeCams, you are losing that kind of value, and primarily on the diversity of shows.

That diversity is especially felt with models, one would think that they at least could offer various ethnicities and body types with their girls, but that’s not the case. The vast majority are generic 20-something white girls, thin waist, round booties, and a handful of tits. Sure, they look great, but it’s not the only thing viewers want.

Where are those ebony, Latina, or Asian babes? Where are MILFs, BBWs, bigger girls? Where are muscular chicks, pregnant babes? Where are all those fetish performers? Oh, that’s right, on Chaturbate and other top websites we list on That’s where you’ll find anything you want to watch, and it truly is like that, anything you can think of is here.

Are Live Shows Good On MyFreeCams?

The dominance of live cam shows revolves around one thing only – the model’s ability to entertain. You have to be engaged with her at all times, she has to tease, get you excited, and follow orders when you tip. I’ve found that girls on MyFreeCams have a serious issue with being boring, plain and simple. 

If you tip, they might take a lot of time to actually perform what you demand of them, and at times they hardly do anything to get the ball rolling. It’s almost as if you’re here to make it fun for her, and I can’t stress enough how annoying it is. They are all professionals, or at least they claim to be, but I’ve seen some amateurs with 10 viewers pulling better shows on Chaturbate.

That’s a boner killer if I’ve ever seen one, and camming isn’t supposed to be like that. And then there is an anonymity issue because you have to pay with something. Here you don’t have options like PayPal and Bitcoin included, so you’re stuck with old ways of paying for adult entertainment which sometimes can get invasive.

Let’s face it, Chaturbate isn’t exactly a state-of-the-art website when it comes to visuals or the design, but it’s more than enough for what it offers. Everything is clearly visible, models are the sole focus of the website, and it’s user-friendly to the max, unlike MyFreeCams, which is quite honestly laughable.

Summary is a total disaster of a webcam website, it’s so bad that I’m wondering how they even have so many models performing at the time. From bad design, to even worse live shows, and an alarming lack of diversity, there is nothing to be seen around here. It may still stand, but there’s no doubt that if things don’t change, it will slowly wither away and be forgotten.

At least you will always have Chaturbate, a cam site that’s still the best spot for free live camming. It has more than 3000 models, which is huge, and they are as diverse as they come. If you want couples doing bondage, or you want solo action with toys, roleplay, and much more, Chaturbate is without a doubt all you will ever need.