Cam Review 2022 Cam Review

Let’s take a look at Cam4ultimate, and see what this live camming site has to offer. As with plenty of other sites, you can find a lot of models, both male, female, and also trans, and the numbers are staggeringly good. Maybe too good, see, when something is looking this great, there usually has to be a catch.

This site is actually not an original website, it’s a mere recolor of As such it offers a lot of the same content, experience, and value for money. At least that’s the case usually, but some “Whitelabels” (as these sites are called), are actually far worse than the original, reason being incompetence from those who try to make some money by hardly doing any work.

Is Cam4ultimate A Scam?

As mentioned before, Cam4ultimate is a copy, but let’s see what that really means. The husk, or the interface is pretty much the same, and as a user, you would navigate it the same as you would do with Streamate. There are some subtle changes, mainly with colors, but that’s about it, as far as the eye can see, they are the same.

But that wouldn’t really be a fair comparison if we just stopped here and said “Nothing else to see, move on”, because we need to go under the surface. One of the major issues with whitelabels is that they’re posing as something original, they’ve got the logo, some minor changes, and suddenly acting like something fresh and new.

Needless to say that even the logo they have is inferior to the original, it’s way too plain, even old looking if you pay attention. Considering almost all resources are “borrowed” from Streamate, it would be fair to have a disclaimer that lets you know what it really is.

Instead, even the “Terms and Conditions” and other legal data are worded as if this is a stand-alone site that has been around for years. Also, they’re branding themselves as “Cam4”, which I’m pretty sure is illegal since there’s a live sex site out there with that exact name, and it’s not a copy of another site.

Are Private Cam Shows the Same?

When it comes to shows there’s really nothing to be afraid of. They function the same, you choose a model, chat a bit with her, and enter a private show. That’s where all the magic happens, and that’s where you want to be, spend your money, and get an orgasm-inducing piece of entertainment.

If you stick around for long enough on Cam4ultimate, then you’ll notice some slight issues with your streams, nothing that’s going to annoy you hard, but it’s not the most optimal thing in the world. Maybe that’s a deal-breaker for you, especially when you know that there is Streamate where those issues are non-existent.

That’s why, in my opinion, using a satellite sex webcam website where you might stumble upon some problems is not the most optimal choice. As a user, I’m always looking to minimize my risks, and I’m sure most of you are as well. Especially considering that customer support is seriously lacking since that can’t be copied.

If you happen to have a disagreement with a model, or there is any kind of money-related issue, be prepared for some nail-biting action for a few days. The fewer people are working on a website, the harder it is to resolve anything, and even though it’s rare for that to happen, it’s best not to gamble.

Why Is Streamate Copied by Other Sites?

The reason why Streamate is copied by other sites is simple – it has the largest database of models who perform fetish cam shows. We’re talking foot fetishism, BDSM, hardcore stuff, kinky roleplay, ropes, whips, clamps, cuffs, you name it. Cam4ultimate can certainly feed off that content alone, but I can’t stress enough how important it is that they change more things.

For instance, doing something interface-wise, making the site look different, maybe even better, should be the main focus. This way they have nothing more to offer than the original that would make them worth your time. The way it is right now, you’d be paying the same money to gain less, and that’s unacceptable.

But, on the bright side, even if you register at Streamate, you’re free to check out these copies since the account can be used on them as well. And you can see for yourself why it’s a bad idea to go for whitelabels instead of the original.

To top it off, the prices here are pretty low considering what you’re getting in return. For an average of $2, you can get a minute of a private show. But there are even cheaper variants like “GOLD Shows” which work by you and a few more users buying in a certain amount for a specified number of minutes, and that usually drops the price to dirt cheap.


Cam4ultimate is trying to fit into the big leagues with the big boys, but it’s not ready yet. Overall, copies aren’t able to mimic the success, not even the full functionality of the original. When you also pay the same price here as you would on Streamate, there is really nothing to discuss.

Being the leader in the adult cam world, Streamate takes all the praise from professionals simply because they’re that good. Thousands of models, fetishes, affordable prices, and stability? You would be insane to miss any of that, so try it out, give it a show, and you won’t even think of Cam4ultimate ever again.