Cam Review 2022 Cam Review 2022

It’s not a surprise that a lot of us are looking for cam sites that offer free shows, it’s a way to test things out before paying, simply dipping your toes in the water before going for a full swim. is one of those sites that make a huge promise of an abundance of free shows, but is it able to meet those promises?

We’re here to find that out, especially since the competition is tough, and there are a lot of live sex sites out there that have proven their worth. Whether or not this site is going to hold their own against those is to be seen, especially when we take the likes of LiveJasmin into consideration and their massive catalog of free shows.

Cams4free Looks Better Than It Functions

There’s no doubt about it, Cams4free looks like a well-made site, at least that’s what it looks like. The black and orange theme compliments the sexy models that are displayed on the page, and it looks quite appealing. Surely with a site like that, you can’t go wrong, right? Well, I wouldn’t bet on it just yet.

While it indeed does look slick, the way it functions is anything but. You might have some long load times, the site is simply poorly optimized, and no matter how strong of a device you have, you’re bound to get frustrated. Be it filtering, where you pick girls, especially if you’re going for multiple at once, or watching the shows, you will have to wait.

It really pains me that there is no feature whatsoever that plays what’s going on in the live webcam show when you hover the cursor over a model like there is on LiveJasmin. They haven’t even bothered to include a sort of slide-show of the model’s best pictures, or something similar that would give you more insight into what she’s like.

An average user doesn’t want to waste time, and this site really tries hard to make you stay as long as possible. Personally, I think it’s counter-productive because you end up leaving the site considering there are so many issues that arise the more you’re on Cams4free.

Cams4free Gets Boring Real Fast

When it comes to wasting your time, there are even more problems. This sex cam site has a whole bunch of models, as in, 1000+ at times. We all have our preferences, so choosing the one you want is imperative. Well, good luck, because you’ve got the blandest options to choose from and will likely have to do some manual work.

Going forward, you might notice that finding actual, fun, and engaging free live shows is close to impossible. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember one time that I’ve struck gold here. It’s all been vanilla shows with some light touching over panties or a bra, as you’ll find is the case on pretty much any cam site.

Despite calling themselves Cams4free, there is no content here that’s worthy of that name. Especially when we take into consideration how similar the shows are, I must have gone through hundreds of them, and they’re all boring like I’m watching one person time and time again.

On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be a filter or any kind of standard to what kind of girls are hired. Just take a look at LiveJasmin, the chicks over there are so hot that you’ll fall in love with them, there are no two ways about it. And here, you have to settle with a sea of average girls that certainly won’t amaze you the moment you look at them.

Cams4free, Free or Fake?

For the sake of research, I’ve also tried out a few private shows because some girls did manage to grab my attention. We’re talking about 3 of them, who didn’t have bad quality of video, which seems to be quite common around here. The others might be interesting, but I felt like watching a slideshow instead of a live cam show, so they were a hard pass.

Those lucky ones who were picked, are pretty much as boring as they look. They were trying to make the show as long as it can be by teasing me. Sometimes even ignored my demands because they didn’t feel like following someone’s advice, and honestly, it all looked like a massive cash grab.

It just goes to show that free shows do matter, they are a window in what you can get in private, so it really matters. For instance, even though I’m a regular on LiveJasmin, and I’m a regular at some of the models there, I still check their live performances from time to time before I really put my finger on one.

Sometimes they don’t feel like doing certain things, and that’s fine, there are other girls who do. The point being, LiveJasmin in total has a lot more free live shows, and they actually contain some action. If a model is interactive in live, you can’t even imagine how badass their private shows are, and that’s something Cams4free can’t replicate.


Even though Cams4free looks like a promising live cam site, but it fails to deliver content that is in line with the visuals. Models are kind of boring, there is a real lack of diversity, as in, most of them are from Eastern Europe or South America, and they aren’t that competitive. Not to mention that the free shows are a total let-down.

But as it goes with cam sites, there is always a better location, and in this case, it would be LiveJasmin. Do you want actual, fun, breathtaking free sex shows? That’s what your destination should be. Full HD quality all around, flawless, beautiful models wherever you look, and a massive choice of various kinks and fetishes, there’s a reason why everyone loves it.