Cam Site Review 2022 Cam Site Review

If you’ve heard all about, then this live cam site might be a bit confusing, what is it really? Well, in short, it’s a whitelabel, not even the original, or something new from Chaturbate, it’s a copy. Considering the name is pretty much the same, with the addition of “Cams”, it goes to show how much originality the people behind this copycat are lacking.

The whole point of whitelabels is to give an already existing site a new, fresh, innovative name and look. Obviously, a simple glance over ChaturbateCams will be enough to show you that it’s not the case here. So, let’s dig deep into it and see what else they’ve got in store for us, good or bad.

What Is The Difference?

Despite being a copy, and having supposed to look at least the same as Chaturbate, this whitelabel is stuck in the past. It’s almost as if it was built on a previous version and left like that. What really irritates me is that they’re using the same logo, not even a new one, and the existing logo is also outdated, from a previous version.

It goes without saying that Chaturbate by itself also has a somewhat distinct look, a bit archaic, but ChaturbateCams has managed to make it look modern in comparison. One of the major differences is ads, the whitelabel is riddled with them, to the point where even a newbie user would be repulsed by it.

In return it makes the site look like a total rip-off, with the added weight of adverts that pull it even deeper downwards. Some users could be unfazed by that change thanks to adblockers, but it’s still a tiny portion of the total number.

It’s hardly the full story behind all the issues this site has, the notification button is missing, so you might miss out on some action if you’re subscribed to models. “Free Tokens” button is gone, and Chaturbate store as well, which is a major disappointment for the fans of any webcam site.

What To Expect

Both the original and copy function pretty much the same, there are thousands of models around, and the live sex shows are focused on live entertainment. This is a major flaw, users who want to experience sex cams at their best want private shows. You certainly can get them, but pretty much all models are focused on live, so they can climb the ladder by gaining more viewers.

This kind of mindset also attracts a lot of freeloaders, people who just watch while you pay, and it gets you thinking. “Why would I pay for someone else”? Well, you shouldn’t, that’s the thing, there are other alternatives like where you can focus on yourself and your desires.

Not to mention that LiveJasmin also offers far more quality fetish cam models, whereas ChaturbateCams is inferior in that field. It’s quite simple, as much as these models want to entertain their viewers, they’re not quite comfortable licking feet, doing bondage, or something harder for everyone to see.

You definitely can find such performers, but they’re buried deep in a sea of other streamers. No matter how great it seems to have so much choice, it can become a headache, finding exactly what you want is that much harder.

All The Flaws of Live Shows

The shows themselves, as you might expect, function a bit differently at ChaturbateCams and its parent site. The vast majority can last up to 8 hours at a stretch, and you don’t have to imagine how hard it is to maintain such longevity. For starters, there is a tipping-based system, when they reach a certain threshold things happen on your screen.

Depending on how popular an adult streamer is, the simples tasks like jerking off might take hours, with a lot of teasing in-between. No matter how patient you are, at one point it’s going to be way too much. On paper, it might seem like a cost-effective way to have fun, but you’re either going to quit or throw your money at models just to see some action unfold.

And even then, they might not hit that desired milestone, be it anal sex, deepthroating, or something else, you can’t count on it. That is unless you hop into a show at the right moment, but you still don’t get the whole experience, only a fraction, and it takes a whole lot more time and money from you.

That’s exactly why LiveJasmin is a better solution that both Chaturbate and its copy. You choose a model, chat together about kinks, and then go right into the action. Those 20-30 mins you get there are so action-packed that an average man is able to cum two times during the stretch.


ChaturbateCams is just a simple re-skin of Chaturbate, and it’s not even doing that good. It’s like an older version of an already rusty website, not pleasant to watch by any chance. Technically they function the same, although original is the original, there’s no doubt about it, and you’re always better going there.

But, at the same time, there are better cam websites, let’s not pretend like Chaturbate is the best option. Anyone who has tried LiveJasmin would tell you the same, it’s a night and day difference. With this site, you feel like a VIP, and that’s the treatment you get from models, no one wants to be “one of the guys” anymore.