FetishRequests.com Sex Cam Site Review 2022

FetishRequests.com Sex Cam Site Review

With a name like that, one could only come to a conclusion that they have found the one and only, king of fetish cam sites, but is that really true? FetishRequests.com is yet another copy of a different website, and in this case, it’s LiveJasmin.com. They indeed have a lot of fetishes, but it’s hardly a fetish-centric live sex site.

So, from the very start, we have some inaccuracies, and in the grand scheme of things, it can only mean that you’re misled to believe something that’s not true. For any kind of website, purposefully misleading your audience is a bad omen, and that is what this site is doing, however, it’s hardly the whole story.

What Kind of a Copy Is FetishRequests?

Being a copy, FetishRequests doesn’t have anything of their own, not even a smudge of creativity has been poured into this website. At least unless you think recoloring the interface counts as something original because that’s the only thing they have done. The functionality, models, even the tiniest details are “borrowed” from LiveJasmin.

If you were to take a look at some of their legal info, like “About Us” and similar stuff that’s located at the footer of the website, you’ll see they haven’t changed a letter. This way, they’re claiming to be a cam site that’s amongst the best in the world, with a 20+ year history of a successful business, which is simply not true.

That title belongs to LiveJasmin, they’ve been around for that long, and they’ve dominated the market. It’s also one of the only can sites where you can pay in Crypto, PayPal, and some other alternatives. If you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you would remember all the innovations they brought to the table before anyone else.

In comparison, FetishRequests has been around since December 2021, which is laughable. They’re straight-up lying to their users, there’s no other way around it. In essence, there is nothing that would instill reliability with their customers, what they’re doing is not only wrong, it’s degrading to anyone who is actually an owner of a legit webcam site.

Shows On FetishRequests

This business model guarantees the use of LiveJasmin’s entertainers, which is inherently a good thing. But if you compare FetishRequests with the original, you would discover that not all of them are here. They took the freedom to play around and reduce the total number of models for whatever the reason may be.

It simply doesn’t make sense, especially because some heavy-hitters in the fetish niche are missing. Even the top models I am a fan of simply don’t show up here. It just goes to show that not all things can be duplicated, and with the way things are going, this site won’t survive for too long, especially when people find out how it really is.

While a lot of the stuff around here hasn’t been imported properly, at least the sex cam shows are. You can purchase the tokens for the same amount of money as with LiveJasmin, although there are some discounts missing because they want to maximize profit. And then you can chat up with some of the models and see what they want to do for you.

Most often they already have things they’re willing to do listed, but if your fetish isn’t that common, all you have to do is ask. They might do it, or they’re going to tell you that they won’t, there is no middle ground, but that’s how things work around here. Usually, you’ll get what you want, it’s fetishes, these girls are built to serve, and they’re quite open-minded.

You’re Missing Out by Not Visiting LiveJasmin

While live private shows are certainly fun, you are missing out on some of the best models. And on top of that in case anything goes sideways, you don’t have access to LiveJasmin support. Considering FetishRequests is a fairly young site, the customer support they have in place is really bad.

It goes to the point where it might even take you longer than a day to get a response, and their qualifications to handle the requests might not be up to… well, anyone’s standard. Considering the system that’s in place is not made by them, nor do they process the full scope of data, you might hit a brick wall.

That’s especially true for your money, if there’s a dispute about it, this site won’t be able to handle your issues properly. Considering LiveJasmin functions perfectly, and are able to handle any kind of request you have, there really is no point in choosing a copy over it.

If there was something to gain by switching over to FetishRequests, then it would be a sane decision. Considering there are some issues, and you would end up paying the same price, the choice is quite simple, LiveJasmin is the way to go for all your fetishes.


FetishRequests.com is not worth the hassle, it’s a badly made copy, that simply has nothing more to offer to you. In fact, whoever owns this sex cam website has gone out of their way to make it worse, or it might just be incompetence that makes it such.

Let’s face it, LiveJasmin.com has some of the hottest models, which have always been the staple of the site. The fact that they’re versatile in fetishes, and are able to do it like no one else, makes it stand head and shoulders above all. If you have a fetish request, that’s where you go, not to some defective copy.